Say No To Acne: Get Clear And Glowing Skin With These Simple Home Remedies

Written by Tanya Choudhary, ISSA Certified Specialist In Fitness & Nutrition  • 

Imagine getting all excited for a party scheduled on the weekend, only to wake up a day before with a hideous pop out on your forehead. Yes, I’m talking about those red, bulging, and insanely atrocious pimples that I’m sure you all loathe. In any case, who doesn’t want to have clear and glowing skin with no visible spots? Acne is practically a warning sign put up on our faces, telling us – ‘Hey, you might want to cut down on your dosage of junk food now’. The worst part is, if not properly treated, they remain on your pretty face for much of your youth.

Now, after nagging so much about these not-so-pretty little pimples, it is only fair that I give you some sure shot home remedies to get rid of them. Check out these five videos to get a complete insight on how these homey ingredients can help you get acne-free skin.

1. Add Instant Glow To Your Skin With These Simple Tricks

With increasing levels of pollution, it’s not possible for anyone to stay protected from the dust demons scattered all around. However, you can always rake your kitchen for quick and easy-to-make masks to have clear and spotless skin. Mixing neem paste with curd is a remedy that has been used since our forefather’s times and it still shows the best of results. Another great option is to combine the exfoliating nature of baking soda with the cleansing properties of honey. I bet you did not know about the wonder mint leaves do to your skin!

2. Bid Goodbye To Pimples With This Quick Cinnamon Hack!

Cinnamon and honey facial mask is a perfect solution for making you all party-ready and acne-free – and that too overnight. Don’t have cinnamon at home? No worries, try out lemon juice, or even better, toothpaste! These ingredients are pretty handy and easily available and are totally known to work wonders on your postulated skin within hours. Don’t think too much, it’s simple and super-effective, and has slim chances of failure!

3. Acne Scars No More! Try This Aloe Vera Face Mask And See The Difference

For people having troubles getting rid of stubborn acne marks, aloe vera facial mask comes as a boon. The deep cleansing property of this easily grown plant comes in handy when everything else fails, especially in the case of dry and acne-prone skin. Anyway, nobody can deny the miraculous soothing and cleansing effect aloe vera has on any type of skin. It revitalizes the skin, keeps dryness away, and gives you a glow that everyone craves for. You can keep rubbing the torn shoot parts on the affected skin. This will give you immense relief and make your skin supple and smooth.

4. Expert Tip: The Secret To Flawless Skin Revealed!

We all know eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly, and drinking a sufficient amount of water can make our skin bright and clear. But, many a times, even these are not enough, owing to the rays of the sun and the increasing levels of pollution. Need a solution? Raid your kitchen – it is as simple as that! Help yourself to a honey and cinnamon mask or rub some cut tomatoes directly onto your face…or use a baking soda scrub twice a week and bask in the beauty of your rejuvenated skin! Now attaining natural and fabulous skin is no mighty task, you know!

5. How To Get Rid Of Tan Lines: 3 All-Natural Methods That Work(Really!)

Getting tanned is a style statement in various part of the world, but there are several other places wherein it is nothing less of a nuisance. Now, who would like to see a good three-tone difference in their upper and lower arm? For easy removal of tan, you can opt for a lemon juice, cucumber, and rose water paste. The lemon will make your skin lighter, and cucumber and rose water will protect you from any sort of skin damage. You may not know this, but papaya is also a great choice for tan removal and so is a paste that is made by mixing fresh milk with saffron.

Now, when you know all the homey yet super-effective tips and tricks to get clear and acne-free skin, what are you waiting for? Go on, try out these amazing techniques and let us know about the results in the comment box below. Take care!

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