12 Hotel Room Decor Tricks We Should Borrow For Our Homes

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One major perk of traveling is checking into gorgeous hotel rooms. When you enter your hotel room, the decor never fails to disappoint you. Everything about the room seems to lift your spirits. Starting from the soothing aroma to the mellow lighting, it is all picture-perfect. Wouldn’t it be great to study the decorating style and set your own home in that manner? Here in this article, we have listed some simple tricks hotels use to make their decoration look appealing and posh. And the best part is it can be easily implemented at your home without poking a hole in your pocket. Read on to know them all.

1. Accessories Created Out Of Different Materials

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The appearance of coziness is greatly enhanced by using a wide range of textures in the decor. There must be at least three different textures: silky, organic, and plush. For example, cashmere comforters pair well with silk pillowcases, satin pillows, or velvet upholstery.

2. A Planned Approach To How Your Bed Will Look

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Olga Polizzi, the renowned interior designer for Rocco Forte Hotels, suggests using four pillows on each bed, including feather cushions and hypoallergenic options. The blanket should be laid out to completely envelop the bed, and the top portion should be pulled up slightly to conceal any gaps. Pillows used for decoration should be placed at an angle at the center.

3. Add Lots Of Mirrors

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Large mirrors create the illusion of ample open space. This is why jewelry shops are filled with mirrors to make up for the small area. In addition, contemporary hotels strategically use mirrors for aesthetic purposes.

4. Add Gorgeous Lights

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You might have noticed that some hotels only have traditional chandeliers and no artwork on the walls. They are functional as illumination but are aesthetically pleasing as well. So the more you invest in beautiful lighting, the better your room looks.

5. Use White Sheets

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Luxuriously thick white sheets will transform your bedroom into a faux hotel. Satin or percale is the norm for hotel bedding. However, the pressing of the sheets and the softness are more critical than the choice of cloth.

6. Breakfast In Bed

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An inexpensive breakfast tray might let you fake being a hotel guest in your own home. If you’re not rushing first thing in the morning, savor your meal. Making pancakes and presenting them on this platter is another gesture you may do for your sweetheart. The tray also serves as a handy culinary tool.

7. Add A Fluffy Mat

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Try using a plush mat to help ease into the day comfortably. Two mats can be purchased and placed on the floor on both sides. Most of your time will be spent standing barefoot on the mat. Thus, comfort is of the utmost importance.

8. Add Varieties Of Cushions

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There should be many pillows on the bed at any decent hotel. Large square cushions and smaller European-style cushions are standard in the headrest area. They do more than just look nice; they provide coziness and practicality to any space. Some are used while sleeping, while others are used when lounging in bed.

9. Robes

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One of the most recognizable signs of a hotel is the presence of a guest robe. Sometimes guests even wear them to breakfast. In addition, most hotels sell robes if you wish to take home a memento from your trip. Alternatively, you may find a robe with the same design at any department shop.

10. Drapes From Ceiling To Floor

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Rooms at hotels typically have curtains that cover the whole window. If you have blackout curtains installed, it will work well. You may get a better night’s rest behind such drapes and get up when you’re ready rather than when the sun rises!

11. Use Aroma Sticks

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A pleasant odor from a quality room freshener may do wonders for the mood. You may also condition the curtains and the bed linens with a fantastic scent. Candles are lovely in the bedroom, and scented sticks are excellent for the bathroom.

12. Keep Towels Rolled

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Towel rolls are an easy way to bring the spa experience into your own house. You can arrange a basket of hand towels or a stack of large bath towels on the shelf.

A well-decorated house can enhance your mood in no time. You can plan the layout of your room and shop for the essentials during the sale to keep everything on a budget. So, what is your secret to making your home look posh? Let us know in the comments section!

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