Skin Problems Caused Due To Pollution And 5 Ways How To Fix Them

by Shivani K

Nothing can be more vital to our lives than breathing, isn’t it? Each one of us in a lifetime has at least 250m liters of air passing through our lungs. And today, if you’re someone who’s walking on the busy streets of your city, your lungs are prone to inhale around 20m of toxic particles at a time (1). Now that’s quite shocking, isn’t it? Toxic air is undoubtedly considered to be the greatest of all the environmental risks out there, and it’s also a contributing factor for several deaths worldwide.

And after this Diwali, we all know how Delhi, one of the largest cities of the world has been drowning in the arms of pollution. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, every possible social media site is talking about it and more so, are talking about the effects of pollution on a global level. Now, we all know what toxic air is — a combination of smoke, hazardous pollutants, acid, etc. And as much as this affects our lungs, it also affects the largest organ of our body, the skin. So, let’s read and understand how our skin is taking a hit because of the pollution around us.

How Does Pollution Affect Our Skin?


Skin is this flexible, soft barrier that surrounds our body’s tissues. It is porous enough to soak moisture, release protective oils, and also absorbs the medications through those adhesive patches we apply. But this very same property of the skin is what makes it vulnerable to the pollutants in our environment. The exposure to ultraviolet rays, the harmful radicals in the air—all this can cause skin infections, skin cancer like squamous cell carcinoma, damage to DNA of skin cells, accelerates premature aging of the skin, and in some cases, can also lead to infertility. Let’s not forget the skin irritation we all face. The list, in the present time, can go on and on; that’s how much our skin is being affected by the pollution around us (2).

It’s almost like an emergency right now to take care of our skin. Here are a few ways through which we all can safeguard our skin’s health and let it feel blessed.

1. Use Natural Cleansers


Whether it’s a normal or a hectic day at work, when you return to your abode, make it a ritual to head straight to your bathroom and cleanse your face. You could have exposed your face for just a couple of minutes outside in pollution. But that’s more than enough for our skin to accumulate dirt and grime at the surface. Therefore it’s an ideal habit to cleanse your face once you are home.

Make sure you opt for a cleanser that has natural ingredients in it. Look for natural ingredients like neem, tea tree oil, green tea, sandalwood or tulsi. All of these ingredients have tonic properties that help is swiping off the dirt from your face easily. We recommend you use it twice a day to cleanse your face for best results.

2. It All Lays In Hydration


The simplest way to battle pollution would be to drink lots of water. Water helps our skin to stay hydrated; it also improves the blood circulation in our body and even helps flush out the toxins. It improves the elasticity of our skin, maintains the apt pH balance of our skin, and keep those dark circles at bay. Therefore, keep a count on your water consumption and make it a point to drink at least 4 liters of water every day.

3. Moisturize, Moisturize, And Moisturize


All the smoke and smog outside suck away our skin’s moisture leaving it dry like a barren land. This makes our skin look lifeless and dull. Pick up a moisturizer with natural ingredients to solve this problem. Post shower, make it a point to apply moisturizer to your whole body. It will prevent your skin from drying out and will also give that natural shine.

4. Use A Gentle Exfoliator Every Other Day


The pollution outside can make its way into our skin no matter how much you cover your skin with a shrug or a stole. And some toxic particles settle in our skin to a level that just a cleanser won’t help in eradicating them. Exfoliating is the key here. Use a gentle exfoliator that is suitable for your skin type. You can also make one yourself at home with easy-to-find natural ingredients from your kitchen like walnut, oatmeal, olive oil, lemon, sugar, etc. However, we recommend you ask your dermatologist if your skin is acne-prone before using an exfoliator.

5. Do A Steam Facial At Home


Steaming your face makes for a vital skin treatment in the comfort of your home. It deep cleanses the pores, improves circulation of blood to the face, and also gives a natural glow to the face. You can also add essential oils while steaming, it will make your skin and you feel rejuvenated!

The skin’s absorption of harmful environmental pollutants is more than just a complex problem. Therefore, let us all become wary of the harmful conditions our skin is exposed to and take these easy-to-follow guidelines seriously. Stay safe and protect yourself y’all!

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