How You Draw An ‘X’ And What It Says About Your Personality

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How often do we think carefully before saying something or making a decision? We don’t do that always and a lot of us are quite impulsive that way. It just comes out of our mind instinctively most of the time. Well, these mind dialogues aren’t just coming out of the blue and each one of them has a connection to your personality. If you think about it, the way you perceive things are also different from the way others perceive the same thing. For example, if you walk into an art gallery with your friend, you may read the meaning of a painting in a different way and your friend wouldn’t be able to relate to it. He/she would already have an understanding of their own. So, the point is, everything that we understand, say, or do has a deeper connection with our personality.

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People whose personalities are similar, get along well because their ideologies and thoughts match. However, living with someone who has a personality that conflicts with yours can become a disaster. This is why it’s important to know about your own personality and your close ones’ personalities as much as possible. Recently, a box full of “X”s became viral on Twitter claiming to divide people into eight groups based on the way they draw an X. Yes, this means that even the way you draw or write something can say a lot about your personality. Eager to know what your personality type is? Read on to know more.

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Now, from the above image, identify the style in which you draw an X. Do not pick up a style consciously, rather just go with the way you would usually draw an X. Once you’ve found out what style your drawing pattern follows, read about the personality traits associated with it.

Style 1

If this is the way you draw an X, you are someone who finds it difficult to progress in life. It’s not that you don’t want to move away from your memories, rather you constantly feel like you’re stuck. You are frequently disturbed by your past and it becomes a hindrance to your future growth. Also, you are a rather emotional person and you value your relationships deeply.

Style 2

A person who draws X in this style is pretty much similar to the one who follows style 1. Even you have trouble getting over your past despite having the strong urge to take a leap forward. What makes you different from the ones who follow style 1 is that you keep trying to move away with all your energy, every now and then. Sadly, your own mind knocks you down. But don’t worry, because you should keep trying and someday you’ll get to the point where you want to reach.

Style 3

If you start with an arrow that goes down to the left and follows this style, you’re a rebel without a cause. You have a strong inner urge to make people listen to you. You need attention, but you really don’t know what you have to say to those who listen to you.

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Style 4

If you’re someone who draws X in style 4, you are someone who is moving fast into the future but you’re still thinking about the past. You’re not really stuck and it’s like you’re driving into the future with your eyes on the rear-view mirror. You seem like you’re careful not to repeat your past mistakes.

Style 5

You are a maverick! You don’t like to go by the rules that others made for you and you trust in your own judgments. You make your own decisions and hardly get influenced by commonly practiced norms and beliefs. In an argument, it would be very difficult to convince you since you hold on your own beliefs too tight. This is one of the major reasons why you end up in trouble though.

Style 6

Since you start your X from the bottom left, you’re a trendsetter. You are a very creative person and you have strong leadership qualities. You often find yourself becoming the center of attraction in a group. You are very passionate about everything you do which is why you get all the appreciation.

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Style 7

This is how kids are taught to draw an X at school. Well, most of them follow this even after growing up which is why this is the style of most of the people. If you are a style 7 person, you are a law-abiding person. You like order and balance and do not crave for attention or any unusual contentment. You just want to lead a simple and happy life.

Style 8

Style 8 is yet another common way of drawing an X. If you follow this style, you prefer thinking outside the box. You are again, a very creative and innovative person.

While these are just generalized thoughts, it’s important to take it all with a pinch of salt. And, you should not get all judgmental about yourself or anyone else based on these styles. Did you enjoy reading this article? Which group do you belong to? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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