Love In Bollywood Vs. Reality

by Shivani K

Bollywood romance is all about too much of mushiness and cheesiness. But, irrespective of the mush and hush, movies definitely affect us, whether you are a Bollywood buff or not. Every single time that I’ve gone to the theaters to watch a Bollywood flick, especially the romantic one, I’ve come out with some dreamy thoughts in my head. These movies can really make us wonder whether or not the violins will play when we meet the love of our lives, it makes us think about what our dream proposal would be like.

Is he going to get down on his knees amongst a crowd or will he shower a rain of rose petals when I walk into my room? The romantic fantasies and imaginations can go on and on. And I’m pretty sure that every girl out there has envisaged their love life to be full of some typical Bollywood moments (which they can boast off among their friends and family).


But trust me peeps, I’ve found the love of my life and nope, none of the violins played nor did he get down on the knees to ask me out. There was never a moment when I thought, “Jaise filmo me hota hai”. Bollywood is so full of drama that we’ve begun to relate our everyday life with it. But, it happens in movies only, guys! Well, here’s what happened with me, I present to you my love life Bollywood vs. reality style:

“Agar Yeh Tujhse Pyar Karti Hai Toh Yeh Palat Ke Dekhegi….Palat…Palat”


It’s almost like a sin to not know or recognize this dialogue from the very famous DDLJ (Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayengey). This movie redefined what love is and what love can be. Right from trying to impress the girl, to making her fall in love and then convincing her parents— this was one Bollywood flick that had everything in it. And the character that Shah Rukh Khan played— Raj became every girl’s dream man.

But sadly, my boyfriend disagrees to this. He says it took more than just one dialogue to impress me and a hell lot of efforts. (Winks)

The “Tum Hi Ho” Moment


Remember that scene from the movie Aashiqui 2? The one where it’s raining and Shraddha Kapoor and Aditya Roy Kapoor kiss under a jacket, in the middle of the road? Never ever expect for it to happen in real life, especially if you live in India. People will probably film you right away. Nope, not safe at all!

“Jab Koi Pyaar Me Hota Hai Toh Koi Sahi Galat Nahi Hota”


This dialogue from Jab We Met left everyone thinking that indeed, love can never be judged as right or wrong. But is that the case in real life? Well, I wish I could tell Geet that it isn’t. I remember having umpteen fights with my boyfriend over doing things the right way and why we shouldn’t be doing the easier, wrong ways.

Don’t we all fight with our partners as to which one of us is right or wrong? So, this Bollywood funda stands defeated.

The Best Friend “Sweetu” Honestly Doesn’t Give A Damn


Haven’t we all grown up watching films where the leading lady has this amazing, ever-supporting best friend? That best friend is somehow mysteriously always around to give sound advices and a shoulder to cry on, irrespective of the number of times you’ve been falling in love and breaking your heart again and again.

But in reality, my friends just ask me to stop with the melodrama and get over it. In fact, at times, they blame me for the situation that I’ve landed myself in. (Okay! They may be right this time).

“Kahin Na Kahin, Koi Na Koi Mere Liye Banaya Gaya Hai”


This dialogue by Madhuri Dixit in the movie Dil Toh Pagal Hai makes everyone want to wait for their knight in shining armor in life.

But, hey! Would you believe that even now? Even after considering the number of dating apps and social websites that have sprung into our lives? It’s the era of “go find your love” and not wait for it.

Not So “Drunk In Love” Alright


I really wonder if Bollywood movies are sometimes unrealistic and pure figments of imagination, because, come on, now, who would fall in love with a drunkard? But, Madhuri Dixit sure did— with Shah Rukh Khan, in the movie Devdas.

In reality, for sure, no girl would even think of falling in love with a man who has become an alcohol addict after a heart break, right?

“Agar Tum Mujhe Yuhi Dekhte Rahoge, To Mujhe Tumse Pyar Ho Jaega, Firse”


This can never happen, trust me! But, this dialogue from Yeh Jawani Hai Dewani promises the contrary. I’ve bumped into my ex, in fact, even spent time with him and he seems to have become a better person, too. But, both of us never fell in love again. There is no way you’d fall for a man again and again after a heart break. And even if you ever do, its only the beginning of complications in your life.

I know that Bollywood and romance always go hand in hand. But, in reality, it’s a different thing altogether. Don’t you agree? Leave your answers in the comments below.

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