Hair Loss: How It Affects Your Confidence and How to Deal With It

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I had always been the wispy-haired girl. The kind her classmates picked on and referred to as ‘buddhikebaal‘ just because my mane if I could call it that, wasn’t as voluminous and thick as those of the girls around me.

And as if that wasn’t bad enough, hair loss followed me like a plague throughout every stage of my life – not even sparing me in the wondrous years of early youth when the intoxication of the first love is supposed to take over and make everything rosy and beautiful.

In fact, if anything at all, my incessant problem of hair loss made it so much more difficult for me to find a boy who would take interest in me. Instead, what I got was bullying and that crushing pain of a one-sided love. I just never got the courage to approach the one I liked! My hair (or the lack of it) always got in the way.

Hair Loss How It Affects Your Confidence and How to Deal With It
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Finding a job later on in life didn’t prove to be easy either. The long, shocked stares and the whispers behind my back made me quit interviews even before my name was called out. And, for those that I managed to muster enough confidence, people turned me down. Turns out, being frozen and mumbling a couple of words don’t help you land a job.

Then the whole marriage situation came. Even though my parents managed to find me a decent man (after countless rejections) and, the marriage didn’t suck as much as I thought it would. Things took a sharp turn for worse for my hair after, I had my first child.

Hair Loss How It Affects Your Confidence and How to Deal With It
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Postpartum depression took over and the little hair that I had left on my head started shedding faster than yellowed autumn leaves. Looking in the mirror was nothing short of a nightmare for me. I stopped going out and confined myself to the four walls of my home. I didn’t look good, I didn’t feel good and my self-confidence was shattered, completely. And, I thought I would never get out of this abyss. My gynecologist’s prescribed medicines just didn’t seem to work either.

But, when there’s a problem, there’s a solution. And, I found the solution to my problem of seemingly irreversible hair loss (and the associated confidence issues) in the ancient medicinal practice of Ayurveda!

After scouring the internet for a fix to my malady, I came upon the Ayurvedic haircare product line, Kesh King. So, I went to an Ayurvedic doctor to know if it would work, and I was surprised! It’s like my life had finally taken a turn for the better.

Backed up by Ayurveda Gurus and recommended by experts, Kesh King is nothing short of a wonder product for all hair problems, especially hair loss! They offer a complete range consisting of shampoo, hair oil, and capsules that really deliver as promised.

The doctor I went to advised me a course of all 3, where, I had to use each of the 3 products thrice a week, for 3 months. And, that is exactly what I did, I followed the course diligently and it actually worked wonders for me. I started noticing new hair growth within a month and by the time the course was over, I had tresses I could flaunt, imagine! Me! My happiness knew no bounds.

Their formula of ‘21 powerful Ayurvedic herb’ coupled with their use of traditional Ayurvedic ‘telpakvidhi’ method of composition is highly effective. Not just the oil, but the shampoo also works like magic! Kesh King anti-hair fall shampoo not only works on solving hair fall but also leaves your hair silky, smooth, shiny and bouncy.

Hair Loss How It Affects Your Confidence and How to Deal With It
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More often than not, we hear the myth that Ayurvedic shampoos are good for solving hair problems but leave hair dry and rough. Well, I beg to differ when it comes to Kesh King. This brilliant shampoo has double benefits: it helps you get rid of hair fall and leaves your hair healthy and lustrous. It’s the best shampoo for hairfall, take my word for it!

No wonder Kesh King is the top choice of millions of other people who suffer from the anguish caused by common hair problems such as dandruff and hair fall. And now, it is my choice too!

Kesh King gave me a much-needed confidence boost when everything else was failing. So, my advice is – if you’re in the same boat as I was, this is the best Ayurvedic oil and a beauty secret that will prove to be your elixir!

Thank me later!

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