How The Korugi Massage Can Help You Look Up To 7 Years Younger

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No matter how much you want to run away from it, the truth is, the older you get, the more your skin will begin to sag. This is simply because as we get older, our facial muscles lose elasticity, our collagen production slows down, and there are shifts in our facial bones. The result of this is a fuzzier oval face with sagging cheeks and chin. However, there is a specific method of massaging the face that improves microcirculation in the facial tissues and keeps your skin looking young for a longer period. Read on to know more about it!

What Is The Korugi Massage?

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Korugi was created by the Japanese physician, Chiyo Hayashi. It is a face massage method that reduces the signs of aging by working the skin, the fat and muscle layers beneath it. As we already know, skin sags and loses elasticity and firmness with age because our facial muscles weaken and our bodies produce less elastin and collagen. However, that is not all. As we age, the fat that covers our faces shifts to other parts of the face, such as the cheeks, the chin, and the under-eye region. Korugi massage helps reduce the appearance of these indications of aging by toning and strengthening facial muscles, reducing the accumulation of fat under the skin, increasing lymphatic drainage, and enhancing circulation.

If you are intrigued by Korugi and would like to try it for yourself, we are here with the steps you need to follow. To begin, gather the necessary equipment. This includes a mirror and massage oil. Knowing if you’re doing the massage correctly and reducing unnecessary friction are beneficial. Having clean skin is also important. If you suffer from ENT problems, lymphatic conditions, persistent skin pathology, or a face wound, you should not conduct the massage till you are healed. You need to apply some serious pressure on the face by rubbing and pressing, but you shouldn’t hurt yourself. The Korugi massage aids with facial slimming too if done correctly.

1. Cheek Lift

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Rest your forearms on the table and relax. Stump your fists and put the tips of your fingers against your cheeks, resting them on your cheekbones. Your body needs to be in a state of calm. Hold this position for five full seconds and then relax.

2. Forehead Massage

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Raise your chin and tilt your head back. Put the knuckles of your finger against your forehead, just above the hairline. Keep pushing and moving your hands over the hairline toward your temples and earlobes. After that, work your way down to your collarbones by carefully sliding your fingertips over your neck.

3. Massaging The Cheeks

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Do this exercise with your hands locked together; your thumbs must be straight since you’ll be using the side of your thumbs. Rest the point of your right thumb under your left eye, close to your nose. Apply pressure on the skin and slide it toward the ears. Next, move your thumb gently along the side of the neck, from the ears to the collarbones. Repeat the process on the right side of your face.

4. Smoothing The Forehead

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To do this, rest the knuckles from your fingers just over your brow and massage in the direction of your hair. Now bring the hands back to where they were, but slightly off to the side, and raise them again, smoothing the whole area of the forehead.

Brightening The Eyes

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Make a fist and raise the brows with it. Move your palm down the bridge of your nose and brow using the knuckles of your index & middle fingers.

Massage On Your Jawline

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Make a fist and hold the index and middle fingers vertically while keeping the knuckles of those fingers bent. These two fingers should be used to complete the actions. Apply firm pressure and draw your skin up and out from the chin and temples. The area just below the mouth’s corners is a good location to begin. When pressing or pulling, the gap between the two should be minimal. There should be around seven or eight total motions.

Do A Finishing To The Massage

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Spread your hands and slide your fingertips around your forehead and up toward your temples. Next, work your fingers along the rear of your neck, starting at your cheekbones and ending at your collarbones. If you want to see quick improvements, give yourself this relaxing massage once a week.

While a facial massage’s primary goal is to release stagnant qi, the scientific advantage is preventing lymph nodes from becoming congested. This is because dull and puffy skin is one of the symptoms of lymph node obstruction. Massaging the skin promotes relaxation of the lymph nodes, increases circulation, reduces muscular tension, and kickstarts collagen creation, among other benefits. What additional techniques do you use to massage your face? Let us know in the comments section.

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