Realistic Resolutions: How To Achieve Them

by Bency Sebastian

New Year and resolutions are like two sides of a coin. They go hand in hand. We spend the last few days of the year thinking about the perfect resolutions for us so we can become better versions of ourselves in the new year. We set goals that we know are somewhat farfetched because we are extremely motivated and determined before the start of the year. But we all know how difficult it is to follow these resolutions because of the unreasonable standard we set for ourselves. Almost all of us have failed to follow last year’s resolutions and ended up giving up before the first week of January. And since we’ve already begun 2021, how are you keeping up with your resolutions for this year peeps?

Ever wondered how often we set unrealistic goals for ourselves that are almost impossible to achieve? It’s almost like we set ourselves up to fail and then lose hope on the concept of resolutions itself. I thought to myself, “Wouldn’t it be easier if I made resolutions that are realistic so it is easier to follow them?” So this year, I set myself up to realistic resolutions that are practical and easy to follow considering our fast-paced lives. Many of us have already failed to follow what we set for ourselves so I’m here today to share with you a list of realistic resolutions that we can all follow and tips on how to see them through.

1. Self-Care


How often do we neglect taking care of ourselves? We have busy lives that revolve around work and college and tend to forget that we need to take care of ourselves. Self-care is a vital part of our mental health and this year we should make it a practice to set aside time for our well being. But what do I mean by self-care? It includes our everyday routine of taking a shower, getting a good night’s sleep or even pampering ourselves. We often forget that these basic needs are what help us energize for the next day. All we have to do is take time and enjoy these daily routines instead of rushing through them.

2. Simple Exercise


Many of us have already set this as a goal for the new year. But how many of us do it? Most of us have jam-packed schedules that it becomes an extra effort to set aside time to go to the gym. Instead of going to the gym or joining a yoga class, we could include more physical activity in our daily routine. Walk to that shop instead of using a vehicle, wake up from bed and stretch, walk our dogs instead of hiring a dog walker, and take the stairs instead of the elevator. Simple but conscious actions everyday help us stay active even if we do not exercise.

3. Set Weekly Goals


This is a practice that works wonders. Setting weekly goals for ourselves helps us stay motivated to accomplish them. Short term goals do not seem overwhelming, unlike year-long goals. Each week can be for something new and something small, and finishing them will feel rewarding and great.

4. Time To Rejuvenate


This is perhaps the most effective way to increase our productivity. Setting time aside to relax and rejuvenate boosts our mental energy and keeps us happy. It is important to pick your favorite hobby and take time off to do it. It could be simple activities like painting, singing, learning a new instrument, binge-watching a show, gardening, etc but it is essential for a refreshed mind and body.

5. Time With Loved Ones


Time spent with people we care about gives us a sense of belonging and comfort. It helps us deal with day to day stress and keeps us contented. Be it family, friends or a significant other, setting some time aside to spend with our dear ones gives us energy and makes us feel loved and cared for. Therefore, we must do this and stay connected to our loved ones.

6. Healthy Eating


We have all heard this saying, “We are what we eat”. This is because what we consume affects our body and minds. We fail to realize how important it is to eat healthy so that we can live a healthy life. Eating foods rich in proteins, vitamins, and minerals rather than carbs, sugar, and fats make us active. Eating a lot of junk food not only makes us feel lethargic but it is also very unhealthy. Sure, we can have one meal a week set aside as a cheat meal but it is important to follow a diet of healthy food.

7. Self-reflection


With everything else that we’ve discussed, self-reflection is an important step because it helps us assess our lives. Once a week, it is important to reflect on our actions and see how we can better them. Introspection is a huge part of self-growth and it is important to acknowledge our weaknesses and strengths so that we can become better versions of ourselves. We have to appreciate our strengths and forgive ourselves for our mistakes to move forward with positivity.

These are not just resolutions but a way of life. Once we practice these important steps in our everyday life, it becomes a habit and that helps us achieve all the goals and aspirations we have set for ourselves this year. Are these resolutions are practical and easy to follow? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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