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Have you ever been to a jewelry shop and felt hypnotized by the dazzling purple crystal that deserved a place in your collections? Yes, amethyst has its ways of winning your heart and making your finger look pretty! But it is more than just a pretty piece of jewelry. If you believe in the powers of crystals, amethyst is the one that you need to ward off negative energy and keep you full of wealth and happiness. Isn’t that something we all look forward to? For beginners, this might seem like something alien, expensive, or too bougie for you to possess. But it’s the complete opposite. Here is your myth-shattering statement. Literally, anyone can avail the properties of amethysts and there is no superstition attached to it. It’s all spiritual along with a few health benefits. Whether you are a believer of signs or astrology, you can still get one and store it at home just going by how beautiful it looks.

Why Should You Get An Amethyst?

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Out of all the gems with unique properties, amethyst is the one that is used as a professional healer. It is connected to the Sahasrara or the crown chakra. Some even claim that it boosts your immunity and assists in relieving migraines, but there’s no scientific evidence to back this statement. However, there are plenty of people who carry this beautiful crystal in their pockets or gift them to loved ones. People who have been collecting amethysts say it aids in sharpening your senses and helping you achieve a tranquil and serene state of mind. Let us explore the spiritual powers that the crystal possesses.

The Spiritual Powers Of Amethyst Crystals

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Crystals have been the subject of mythology and folklore for a long time. They are believed to help you recharge your spiritual power and allow you to tackle the world with a sense of confidence and clarity. Do you feel confused or overwhelmed by the decisions you have to make at work or in your relationships? The use of amethyst crystals could provide clarity to help you make better choices and have more clarity about the present situation.

Who Can Wear An Amethyst?

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Amethyst is a protective crystal that increases self-awareness. If you are thinking who can preferably wear an amethyst, it is ideally assigned to the zodiac Aquarius. But anyone who has an influence on the planet Saturn can own an amethyst. If you’re having difficulty coping with hard luck, crystal healers might recommend you incorporate amethyst in your daily routine. The violet crystal is an effective tool to open your third eye and assist you in understanding your personal wants and needs.

How To Cleanse Your Amethyst Crystal?

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To ensure that your amethyst is operating as it should, it is essential to ensure that it’s not part of negativity of any kind. This can be accomplished by purifying the gem. There are numerous methods of cleansing your precious stone, and they don’t require more than a few things that you can find in your home or the backyard. For starters, if you don’t feel attracted to an element, it could mean the need for cleansing it. It connects to your zodiac, and hence each sun sign is assigned a particular gemstone.

  • If you are a water sign, (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces) you will need to run water over it and use that water to wash your face. Amethyst is undoubtedly a safe crystal, so you don’t have to worry about anything.
  • If you’re an earth sign, (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) place your crystal under your bed at night, or put it in the salt bowl.
  • For fire signs, (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius) you can burn incense sticks near the crystal.
  • If you are an air sign, (Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius) you just need to keep it in a place where there is an abundance of fresh air.
  • Because the crystal is hardy, you don’t have to worry about the corroding of the gem in any way.

How To Charge Your Amethyst Crystal?

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Like we need to take a break every day to recharge the batteries within our body, the crystals need to be charged to keep their energy levels high. The method to charge your crystal is thankfully low-maintenance. Sometimes, it’s all related to time. Certain mystics utilize full lunar moons as a way to recharge the amethyst stone. Be sure that there’s not an eclipse that occurs during the time of what is believed to be the full moon. Eclipses can cause confusion and bring negativity. This is why you don’t want the energy of eclipses attracting the crystals. There is a way to put your crystal on glass under the moon’s glow to assist in the recharge.

How To Use Your Amethyst Crystal?

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Amethyst crystals should be employed when you have clear goals. Once you’ve established your goals, like increasing your communication skills or eating healthy food for your mind and body, it is possible to see the magic take place. Amethyst can be incorporated into your meditation routine by placing your crystal on your hand as you are in meditation. When you need a bit of relaxation, you could soak in the water of your crystal. It’s not only an excellent method to reconnect with your crystal but also aid in taking a moment to relax.

As it is known for its excellent stress-busting properties, the skincare industry is thriving with this latest trend of using these stones as a skincare tool. Many face rollers nowadays are made with rose quartz, jade as well as amethyst. The gemstone in this question, however, is known to restore the lost oxygen back to your skin. Amethyst not only does a great job of exfoliating and removing accumulated dead skin cells, but it can also help keep your skin firm and supple for a long time.

Now that you know how magical the crystal is, are you ready to try it out? Make sure you get your crystal from a reputed store and use it to spread positivity and happiness. It is always great to treasure something that brings some peace and calm to your mind, body, as well as the soul. Do you have a gem you have always loved? Let us know in the comments below!

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