How To Choose The Perfect Shade Of Red Lipstick

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When it comes to choosing a peppy yet bold shade of lipstick, your hands will subconsciously hover over the shades of red. Every woman deserves to own a gorgeous shade of red lipstick to go with most of her outfits! But wait till you hear this; different shades of red are made to match various skin tones perfectly! Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? So now, how do you choose one according to your skin tone and complexion? Well, we are here to help you with this. Read on to know which red lipstick you need to go for to pick the perfect color match for you!

1. Take Your Skin Tone Into Account

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Knowing your skin’s undertones and the hues of lipstick available can help you select the ideal red lipstick for your complexion. The amount of melanin in your body determines the skin tone, which may be anything from very light to extremely dark. The undertones are the colors like red, yellow, and blue that work within the skin tone to form your unique complexion. Colors with more yellow and peach undertones are thought to be warm. Colors leaning more toward blue or pink are classified as cold. So the absence of either of these is what makes a color neutral. Look at the veins in your wrist to determine whether you have cool or warm undertones. Purple veins indicate cold undertones, while green veins indicate warm. Isn’t that amazing?

2. Choose The Color That Compliments Your Skin Tone

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Those with light skin tones tend to have a pinkish undertone. You can use raspberry tones or reds with a blue or pink undertone. These bright red lipsticks will complement your skin and draw attention to your beautiful smile. Pale skin tones usually have a pink undertone. To look your best, use a light red with orange color lipsticks. Lipsticks with a golden sheen will complement your skin tone and make you seem radiant. Medium skin tones can quickly tan and fade. Thus those with a medium skin tone should switch up their red lipstick color with the seasons. Use orange-based red lipsticks in the summer to bring out the best in your tanned skin and make your face seem more refreshed. Wearing a red with a blue undertone in the winter can help to highlight your fair complexion and white teeth. Olive complexions are distinguished by a naturally deep tan and a yellow-green undertone. Make your bronzed skin tone more inviting using brick and rust-colored crimson lipstick. Caramel complexions are those with a somewhat yellowish cast. Try wearing a pure cherry red to add warmth to your tone. It will pick up your skin’s natural glow and cast a glowing spotlight on your smile. All skin tones, from a golden tan to a deep brown, have a yellow tinge. Use red with a blue undertone, like oxblood, for a more earthy feel. For dusky skin tones, choose a merlot or other red wine with a blue undertone for a more understated appearance. Use either shade of red to complement your skin tone and bring out the best in your smile.

3. Keep The Lipstick Simple

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If you use red lipstick, you can avoid wearing less makeup. Simply looking at the color makes you feel more lively. If you want to look your best but need help deciding what to wear with red lipstick, try powdering your face and grooming your eyebrows.

One potential issue with red lipstick is that it might transfer outside the lips and be challenging to remove. To prevent this from occurring, you can try the following:

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Create a barrier between your lips and creamy formulations by outlining them with lip liners. First, put on a thin lipstick coating, dab it with a tissue, and then put on another thin layer. Unfortunately, this does not work with liquid matte finishes. Next, apply lipstick as usual, but use your finger to wipe the color off on the inside of your lips. To do this, you simply need to put your index finger in your mouth and then cling to it tightly with your lips. Once you draw your finger out, the extra lipstick on the inside of your lips will get removed easily with the help of your finger.

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So, now that you know how to choose the red according to your skin tone and how to keep your lipstick from wearing away, nothing can stop you from flaunting the perfect pout. Always ensure you invest in good quality lipstick, as this is the makeup with the highest risk of getting into your mouth. Once you are done applying the lipstick, get it transfer-proof with the help of a dab of translucent powder, so you stay safe from lipstick stains on your cups. So, what is your favorite lipstick shade for going out? Let us know in the comments section!

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