How To Choose The Perfect Shorts According To Your Body Type

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No matter what your body type or size is; you have to admit that shorts are the most versatile out of every piece of clothing you own. They are fun, they allow movement, and they are absolutely perfect for your tropical holidays. The only time your shorts may let you down is if you pick the wrong kind that doesn’t compliment your body type. So if you own shorts that keep rolling up or slipping down, chances are that you may have made a mistake in choosing the right match. Here in this article we have recommended some kinds of shorts that are ideal for various body types. Read on to know them all!

1. Pear Shape

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Pear body shape is characterized by narrow shoulders and a wider waist and hips than a bust. You want to wear shorts that are flowy and reminiscent of a skirt. Your waist will be defined without causing discomfort in the hip area. Choose shorts with high or mid-rise and of a comfy fabric.

2. Heart Shape

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You have a heart-shaped body if your upper body is fuller than your hips and thighs. Choose a pair of boyfriend shorts instead of skintight ones. It will provide the illusion of a fuller bottom half. A mid-rise will give you the appearance of longer legs while still covering your midriff.

3. Hourglass Shape

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A curvy figure has a bust-to-hip ratio of 1 to 1. Pick shorts that are closely fitted and made of elastic fabrics so that they hug your hips, legs, and behind. Try wearing some mid- or high-rise shorts with a contoured waistband.

4. Rectangle Shape

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This body type, which can also be described as “straight up and down,” is ideal for wearing shorts since you won’t have to worry about finding a pair that flatters your curves. Bermuda shorts are ideal as a result of the way their cut emphasizes your curves.

5. Apple Shape

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We want to counteract the roundness of your belly by making your legs narrower. Choose shorts that are loose and not baggy in the midsection or the upper thighs. Consider some longer ones as well. Tight and low-rise alternatives might make you look heavier and draw attention to your stomach.

Shorts For Different Leg Shapes

1.  Short Legs

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If you want your legs to look longer, consider wearing shorter shorts. The ideal inseam length might be about 5 inches (12.7 cm). The same may be said about shorts with cuffs.

2. Tall And Thin Legs

Roll up your shorts or wear ones with cuffs if you’re tall and lean. There are other alternatives for shorter inseams if you like. We recommend bermuda shorts with a longer inseam. Its length is perfect for sightseeing, office wear, and retail therapy. Pair them with wedges to make your legs appear longer.

Shorts You Need To Own:

1. Sport Shorts

Shorts designed for cycling, jogging, tennis, swimming, the gym, and even surfing are all examples of athletic shorts. Shorts designed for sports typically have moisture-wicking and air-flow enhancements thanks to their construction from stretchy, breathable materials like spandex or nylon. These bottoms may include an adjustable drawstring or an inside lining that can be worn as underwear.

2. Bermuda Shorts

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Bermuda shorts, often called dress pants or walking shorts, are loose-fitting at the bottom and end or two inches above the knee. They are more at home in warmer climates, but a T-shirt or loose button-down pulled into the waistband may make them appropriate for any season.

3. Boyfriend Shorts

These shorts are perfect for lounging around the house since they have an elastic waist and a loose leg opening. This style ends at or just above the knee and has a slimmer leg opening.

4. Cargo Shorts

In the early 20th century, the British military used cargo pants as part of its Battle Dress Uniforms. Shorts are one of the many examples of how the style has developed over time. The loose cut and several pockets of these baggy shorts make them a comfortable choice. These shorts are versatile enough to wear with a t-shirt, tank top, or polo.

5. Denim Shorts

There are many different styles and lengths of denim shorts to choose from. These denim bottoms, depending on the wash, may be worn in a variety of situations and paired with a wide variety of tops.

6. Pleated Shorts

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Shorts with pleats often have an elastic waistband and sit just above the knee. This kind of short has a “creased” appearance in the front. In contrast, flat-front shorts do not have any pleats at the front.

7. Skorts

Skorts are a type of shorts that have a wraparound skirt-like cloth attached to the top. A skort can be worn wherever that skirt would be appropriate.

So now that you know the kinds of shorts that will complement your body type, nothing can stop you from looking absolutely perfect. So which of these shorts is your favorite? Let us know in the comments section!

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