How To Choose The Right Hair Care Routine For Your Hair Type

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You must have realized by now that your hair texture is not the same as anyone else. Each hair is unique, and hence everyone needs a customized hair care routine. By now you must have discovered if your hair type is oily, dry, fine, coarse, or thick. If you are still unsure about what works best for your hair, we are here to help you. Here is a list of tips and tricks that suit each hair kind and helps your hair grow healthy and shiny.
First, let us talk about the categories your hair falls in. It can either be straight, wavy, curly, or kinky. Each has its ups and downs and needs to be treated differently. There are other factors too that contribute to changing the texture of your hair, like bleach, dye, and styling tools. Here are a few basic steps that will help you maintain your natural hair quality.

1. Cleanse

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Cleansing helps remove the dead skin and product residues without stripping the scalp of natural oils. Without a good wash, your hair will build up sebum and leave a greasy scalp (1). Here is what you need to follow with your shampoo to clean your hair effectively.

  • Clarifying Shampoo

A deep working formula removes the buildup in your hair but can also strip all the natural scalp oils. If you have really oily hair, you can use clarifying shampoo twice a week.

  • Daily Shampoo

If your hair is moderately dry but gets dirty too often, you can use a mild daily shampoo to get rid of the dirt while keeping your natural oils intact.

2. Moisturize

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Conditioners have numerous benefits, including moisturizing, detangling, and glossing your hair. It packs your hair with hydrating molecules and helps it look and stay healthy through wear and tear.

  • Daily Rinse-Out Conditioner

The regular conditioners are applied on your hair shaft, leaving the roots and washed out thoroughly. It is ideal for people who have an oily scalp.

  • Leave-In Conditioners

Leave-in conditioners are ideal for those who need intense moisturizing for their hair. If you use hair styling products a lot, this might be one way to restore the shine.

  • Deep Conditioning

This is made for those who have dry and frizzy hair. If your hair texture is coarse and needs thorough conditioning, deep conditioners will help you smooth your hair out.

  • Hair Lotion

Once your hair is clean and conditioned, using a cream-based lotion will further protect your hair shaft from breakage and UV exposure.

  • Hair Oil

Oiling your hair can never go wrong. It enhances your hair’s natural oils and locks the moisture in your hair strands.

3. Detangle

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Detangling your hair strands is necessary for stopping breakage, but it needs to be done correctly to ensure it does not damage your hair further.

  • Comb

It is no rocket science why wet hair breaks off easily. Make sure you wait till your hair is completely dry to start combing the strands.

  • Hair Brush

There are different brushes for different hair types. Some bristles can be too hard on your hair and can pull the strands out. Opt for a plastic version and gently brush from the tips.

  • Hair Spray

If you feel your hair breaks too often with each pull of comb, stop and spray it with a detangling spray.

  • Serum

The serum is the absolute answer to managing your detangled tresses. It will smooth your hair out and help you comb them flawlessly.

4. Styling And Protecting

Styling And Protecting
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Several products help you volumize and style your hair, but the heated tools and sprays often damage your hair shafts. A heat-protecting spray might help you reduce the mutilation inflicted by these tools.

  • Mousse

Mousse adds texture and volume to your hair while enhancing the bounce. It is the preferred choice because it does not feel sticky or clumpy.

  • Wax

Wax will hold your hairstyle without leaving the hair feeling stiff. It is perfect for keeping your curls intact after using styling tools.

  • Pomade

Pomade is perfect for long-lasting, super shiny hair. It should be used on damp hair and leaves a sleek finish.

  • Gel

Styling gel can give you a super strong hold depending on how much you use the product. It will give you a noticeable shine and keep the texture upright.

  • Dry Shampoo

If your hair is naturally greasy, dry shampoo will help it get bouncy again if you don’t have the time to shampoo.
Pro Tip: Make sure you buy the same shade of spray as your hair to keep the shampoo blended in your hair.

  • Volumizer

Volumiser lifts your hair from the head and makes it look fuller while still keeping it lightweight. If you are worried about your hair loss, this might help you hold your style.

5. Spot Treatment

Spot Treatment
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Sometimes targeted treatment is what your hair needs.

  • Scalp Treatment

An exfoliating treatment will unclog your follicles and stimulate blood circulation. It is ideal for treating itchy scalp.

  • Protein Treatment

Broken or frizzy hair may need an extra dose of protein. These treatments will fill in the gaps and strengthen the hair cuticles.

  • Target mask

A hair mask replenishes hair and keeps them nourished and safe from split ends.

Now that you know what works for hair, you can work out the products that will help you manage your hair well. Always remember, letting your hair breathe is the first thumb rule for getting gorgeous hair. Do not smother it with chemical products. If you have to style it every day, make sure you give it ample time and care to recover from it. Hope these will help you get your dream hair. Take care!

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