How To Create Stylish Outfits With A White Shirt

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A plain white shirt is a secret ingredient that makes everything better. Owning a white shirt and knowing how to pair it with various clothes and accessories will help you achieve numerous looks without looking the same in your pictures. And of course, it will help you save a great deal on your clothing budget. So if you want to know how to pair your white shirt with all your clothes, you are at the right place! Read on to know them all!

1. How To Create The Complete Look

How To Create The Complete Look
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Wear a long black skirt or leggings with a baggy white top. Berets, brogue shoes, and junk jewelry are just a few examples of accessories that will take your outfit to the next level.


Wearing a baggy white shirt, faded blue jeans, and comfortable shoes like sneakers or flats are the epitome of casual chic. Put on some casual attire by rolling up your sleeves.


Later in the day, a white cropped shirt is appropriate. To complete the look, throw on a pair of skinny jeans.

2. Spruce Up Work Outfit

Spruce Up Work Outfit
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Feminine Skirt

To look stylish, button up a white collar all the way, slip it on over a midi skirt, and then put on a pair of heeled boots. Carrying a colorful, eye-catching clutch will draw more attention to your outfit.

Simple Outfit

For a laid-back vibe, pair a white shirt with an unbuttoned, oversized button-down shirt. Put on loose-fitting pants for added ease.


Subvert the conventional suit with a jacket and black pants. Then, show off your one-of-a-kind white shirt by rolling out the sleeves with your jacket.

Styling Shirt For Date Night

Styling Shirt For Date Night
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Neckline Shirt

Show skin in the neck and shoulder areas and you’ve got yourself a whole new look for your standard blouse-and-slacks work attire. You can do this by simply unbuttoning a few buttons. Add polish to the remainder of your ensemble with a sleek purse and comfortable flats.

Blazer Dress

This is the kind of thing that should really speak to your adventurous side. You may appear both fun and polished by layering a white blouse over a blazer dress.

Rock-N-Roll Style

Choose a tailored shirt and leather leggings. Some blouses include brightly colored pockets, which liven up an otherwise simple ensemble. You may also use a patterned silk scarf for an extra dose of texture.

Party Shirt Outfit

Party Shirt Outfit
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Although dresses are more common, a well-accessorized shirt may make a terrific party outfit. For a more formal event, a white shirt and sequin skirt is a winning combination. Pinch the cuffs of your shirt, roll up your sleeves, and unbutton a few buttons to make a bold yet understated statement this holiday season. Use ornate shoes and chunky jewelry in gemstone colors to complete the look by layering on multiple items. The more of it the merrier!

Winter Clothing

Winter Clothing
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White shirts are often covered up by jackets and sweaters on chilly days, leading some to believe they are inappropriate. But if you realize how to layer your clothes, you won’t have that problem. To begin, try layering on a pullover suit under your shirt. Not only will it keep you warm on chilly days, but it will also help draw attention to your figure. If you choose a black tone, it will contrast well with your white shirt, giving the whole ensemble more eye-catching.

For the most flattering look, layer a tee with a looser fit in such an hourglass silhouette. This top is versatile enough to be tucked into jeans, skirts, or trousers. Finally, for a fashionably edgier look, throw in a pair of slacks with a straighter and roomier fit. Put some height back into them by wearing heels. Throw on a light gray trench coat for extra insulation. Choose jackets with a looser cut so you may layer underneath and adjust the waist size to your liking (with a belt).

Summer Outfits

Summer Outfits
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Biker shorts, which have recently seen a resurgence in popularity thanks to the efforts of the fashion industry, can be worn with an old sweater to balance out their form.


Wear a loose-fitting blouse over yet another swimsuit and accessorize with white accessories like sunglasses, boots, and a straw purse for a chic beach look.


To fully transform your look, try draping a white blouse over your dress and tying it in the front; this, together with a raffia bag, is an absolute must.

What we like best about white shirts is that they are versatile and can be teamed up with other outfits to create something new every day. So what is your favorite way to wear a white shirt? Let us know in the comments section!

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