9 Tips On How To Ditch Little Things That May Ruin Your Look

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If being a fashionista was that simple, we wouldn’t have designers working on pieces of clothing night and day, would we? Following trends is quite easy because all you have to do is wear what is trending at the time. But even doing that does not free you from tiny wardrobe malfunctions that can bring your look down. From flaunting ill-fitting clothes to not knowing what will suit your body, most of us are guilty of making some rookie dressing mistakes.

So, if you can relate to this, check out this article for some tips on how to avoid some common dressing blunders and look absolutely stunning. Read on to learn more!

1. Check The Length Of Your Trousers

Check The Length Of Your Trousers
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Although flared and wide-leg trousers are very much on-trend right now, you still need to pay attention to the length of your pants, even if you’ve opted to put on the classic skinny jeans. When looking for new jeans, it’s important to consider your personal sense of fashion. Make sure your jeans are hemmed so that they fall just over the ground. If sneakers are your go-to footwear, make sure your jeans aren’t too short. And maintain a consistent hemline between your pants and your shoes.

2. Matching The Foundation On Your Neck

Matching The Foundation On Your Neck
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You’re not alone if you’ve ever spent a long time applying makeup before realizing the color of your face and neck don’t match. It’s important to swatch foundation in several different patches of skin before buying it, including around the jaw, lower neck, and the upper chest. Be sure to mix your foundation down the way down, upside down and under your jawline to your neck.

3. Don’t Sport Oversized Patterns

Don’t Sport Oversized Patterns
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Large, bright patterns may make you seem bulkier and tend to have a suffocating effect. Stick to single prints and make the rest of your outfit simple and understated. Practicing with one little print at one point will prepare you well for combining many prints in the future.

4. Dress According To Your Personality

Dress According To Your Personality
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Putting together an outfit is about more than just picking out a few pieces of clothing. It’s also an opportunity to convey who you are and how you feel. That’s why it’s uncomfortable to put on clothes we can’t connect our personality to. Even if an item of clothing looks fantastic on your friend, it may make you feel awkward, and that’s not the kind of vibe that you want to put out into the world. If you want to attempt something new with your wardrobe, experimenting with length, color, and pattern could be a smart move.

5. Embrace Your Shape

Embrace Your Shape
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Considering your body type is crucial while trying to pick out the perfect dress for you. The ideal wardrobe will flatter your figure and bring forth your best features. What clothing looks well on you and how you may maximize your wardrobe are both subject to your body type.

6. Not Dressing According To Your Age

Not Dressing According To Your Age
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We all age differently, but it doesn’t mean you can’t maintain your charisma. Dress traditionally if you are unsure of your personal style, as this approach tends to age well. You can experiment with spaghetti straps & crop tops you wore in your twenties even after your 30s to add a tinge of youth to your wardrobe.

7. Not Wearing The Right Colors

Not Wearing The Right Colors
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It’s a typical fashion faux pas to pair unflattering hues. Bright colors like yellow or bright pink may look great on your buddies, but they may not look so well on you. Experiment with several hues until you find the ones that suit you best.

8. Not Wearing The Right Frames

Not Wearing The Right Frames
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When selecting a pair of glasses or sunglasses, it is essential to consider not only your body type but also your face form. Frames are great for showcasing one’s individuality, taste, and character. You can easily locate glasses that fit your needs. Quickly learn what you’re looking for by taking a good look in the mirror and being acquainted with the various face shapes, such as square, oval, and heart.

9. Not Wearing A Bra Of The Correct Size

Not Wearing A Bra Of The Correct Size
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Be sure to try on a few bras to find the right fit. Put it onto the rack if it is riding up, gapes in the middle, or is too tight. Make sure everything fits correctly by trying on a variety of sizes or consulting an expert.

A little change makes a big difference when it comes to clothing. When you shop next, make sure you choose clothes that make you feel comfortable, and at ease. So, which of these common mistakes are you guilty of making? Let us know in the comments section.

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