7 Tips To Dry Your Hair The Right Way

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Drying one’s hair can be pretty dull, and most of us would rather be doing anything else instead. Soaking in a nice warm bath is a great way to let loose and relax, and the next step for you is probably toweling yourself down and jumping under the covers. Yet, unless you want to be walking around with soaking wet hair, you should make it a point to dry your hair the right way. You should wake up, shower, and deal with drying your hair the right way. So if you want to properly and thoroughly dry your hair, here are seven tips that you should keep in mind. Everything from how you brush your hair to what you use to dry it can affect the quality of your hair, and we are here to help you figure out the right way to do it:

1. Stop Brushing Wet Hair

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One of the biggest mistakes most of us are guilty of making is brushing out hair when it is still wet. If you are in a real hurry and you need to make your hair sit in place, you should use a wide-spaced comb instead but never use a brush. A brush can cause severe damage and tear apart your weakened locks. This can cause instant breakage. Make sure you comb through your hair slowly and from bottom to top rather than the other way. Wait for it to dry a bit until it’s damp though, to avoid hair fall.

2. Don’t Go To Sleep With Damp Hair

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You should make sure that you never go to bed with wet hair. While it might be tempting for you to save time and just leave your hair half dry instead, you should make sure you dry it. If you don’t dry your hair before bedtime, you might end up facing irreversible damage that could take you months to grow out. When you move your hair around in your sleep, the friction against the pillow is more than enough to cause damage. Even having slightly damp hair is a pretty bad idea.

3. Never Straighten Wet Hair

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Only use curling tongs and straighteners on totally dry hair. If you apply heat tools to wet hair, it will lead to a major catastrophe. As you heat liquid and turn it into gas, it expands. Water that is trapped in the cortex will then burst and cause major damage. If you are really trying to fix a style in place, make sure that you use hair spray and allow it to evaporate fully before you use heated gadgets. You are basically frying your hair by putting heated irons over your strands.

4. Get A Microfiber Towel

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Try to use a microfiber towel instead of a regular one. Since microfiber towels are really soft, they are less likely to cause tangles, snares, rip or tear your hair. They can also help to reduce frizz. Microfibers are a mixture of various kinds of polyesters. As these towels have hardly any trace of chemicals, their weight is a lot lighter and hence, less rough on your hair. It is also multipurpose so keep a bunch handy for your body, skin, and hair! Moreover, it is easier to clean in an effortless manner.

5. Detangle Your Hair When It’s Halfway Dry

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The reason why you should not wait until your hair is completely dry is due to your freshly shampooed hair. It is completely frizzy and dry in the exact state as it was washed. It will be hard to detangle your hair and it will get scrunched into a ball. If you tug too hard, too much hair will get pulled out. Similarly, if you run your comb through soaking wet hair, the loose scalp will tend to let go of too much hair. So brush your hair when it is in the process of drying for a smooth detangle.

Make sure that you use a wide-toothed comb to detangle your hair. Start by working in smaller sections. Start from the ends of your hair and work your way up top. You must avoid combing straight down from the roots unless your hair is totally tangle-free. Doing this can cause your hair to break and snap. Also, spray some leave-in conditioner in your hair before you comb it.

6. Style Your Hair After It Is Dry

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You can add a little styling gel or cream to your hair after it has dried up. If you are someone who often gets frizzy hair, then you can add a bit of hair oil in as well. Make sure you put a small amount of product in your palm, use your fingers to comb the product through your hair. If you are someone who has kinky, textured, or curly hair, avoid brushing your hair. Instead, use your fingers to brush through your hair and separate your curls. If you are someone who has straight hair, you can add some volume by tweezing your hair from the bottom to the top.

7. Use Your Blow Dryer On Its Lowest Settings

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So we’ve all been in a situation where we had to get out of our home asap and just have to dry our hair quickly. In this case, it’s a good idea to keep your blow-dryer on its lowest setting. Doing this will lower the risk of your hair looking fried and dry. Also, make sure that you apply a heat-protecting serum beforehand. Opt for an ionic hair dryer so that you won’t have any qualms turning down the heat.

Getting thick and flowy hair with no hair fall is literally every girl’s dream look to have. However, there are some hair care practices that they are doing wrong which results in problems. Having great hair takes time, and with the right products and attitude, we are sure you will be able to achieve it in no time. We hope this article was of help to you! Do let us know all of your thoughts in the comment section down below!

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