11 Ways To Find The Best Body Workout For Your Body Type

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Let me tell you a secret, no person is ever fully satisfied with their body type. Yes, you are not alone! Walking around the gym will see people with different body compositions doing the same cardio regime. It might be effective for some, while others will just wear themselves out. Working out is only effective if your exercise works on the body parts which need to be toned. Each person has a unique genetic and physiological design that needs a customized routine. That is why you need to identify your body type before you start googling exercises. Here are a few pointers you must make a note of before you start blaming your exercise for not being effective on your body.

1. You Might Be Misclassifying Your Body Type

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Very few people can actually see themselves accurately according to their body type. We might be highly influenced by celebrity bodies, but you won’t know if it was the photoshoot or the Photoshop until you see them in real life! Broadly we can categorize bodies as endomorphs, mesomorphs, and ectomorphs (1). The endomorphs are pear-shaped bodies, the mesomorphs are naturally muscular, and ectomorphs are lean and slender.

The common reason why these categories are mistaken is that body insecurity never seems to detach from us. The more we idolize perfect bodies, the more we push ourselves to get into the unrealistic hopes of getting lean, muscular, and curvier bodies.

2. People’s Bodies Are Usually Hybrids

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Body types lay in a spectrum, which makes it a collection of different traits. A single body could have the traits of two different body types. Just like how you get your personality from your genes, your body type is also a hybrid of your parents, and no one exercise will suit everyone. You might possess the endurance of an ectomorph and the muscle strength of a mesomorph. The most common natural hybrids are ecto-mesomorphs and endo-mesomorphs. The former have lean limbs and broader chests and the latter have compact and muscular physiques.

3. Diet Determines The Body Size And Exercise Determines The Shape

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Eating wrong and exercising vigorously will not get you into the perfect body. Paying attention to the food you eat balances the muscle to fat ratio and defines your muscles. When you eat well, you train your body to become tighter and toned in all the right ways.

4. Ectomorphs Do Not Need Much Aerobic Exercise

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The natural lean body setup does not need much cardio. If a person overdoes the exercises, the cortisol levels may rise and result in stressed muscles. This is why runners often struggle with belly fat while having skinny legs. Ectomorphs need to tone their muscles to prevent injuries and chronic problems like osteoporosis and back pain.

5. Cardio Is Important For Mesomorphs

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If you’re pleased with your shape and want to maintain it, your focus should be moderate cardio. It can be as easy as brisk walking or jogging. Mesomorphs have lower endurance levels, so they can trick their muscles into cardiorespiratory workouts.

6. Curvy Endomorphs Have Greater Potentials To Be Good Athletes

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A low, moderate-intensity regime is ideal for torching suborn fats. Strength training programs like cardio help condition fat loss. One thing you should keep a note of is, endomorphs are very responsive to isolation exercises. Targeting lunges and squats will give you effective results in shorter duration.

7. You Have Greater Chances Of Slipping Into Hybrid Ecto–Endomorph Or Meso- Endomorph As You Become Sedentary

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By decreasing your physical activity and increasing your food intake, you might be able to reach your body goals. -After you hit 50’s, testosterone and growth hormone levels are likely to decrease. This will make you susceptible to storing fat and losing muscle. You can focus on compound strength-building movements and leave out starchy carb-filled food.

8. Endomorphs Benefit The Most From HIIT Workouts

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High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is the new rage in the fitness world. It is effective because the workouts last for shorter durations, you can torch more calories, build muscles and keep your heart healthy. Because endomorphs store more fat than usual, it is the ideal strategy to get your body fit and healthy.

9. Total Body Strength Training Workouts Are Not Necessary

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It is more than enough for people under 60 to train one or two body parts at a time. Exhausting your muscles over a workout is the last thing you want to do. You can focus on strength training moves and keep switching from various parts of your body through the week and keep a day for rest!

10. Interval Training Can Give You Best Results

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Training in intervals will help you lose weight and be more active. By giving shorter bursts of exercise you can help your muscles heal and repair while you train the other parts of the body.

11. 150 Minutes Exercise Rule

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The more active you are, the better you feel, but the secret is to divide the time accordingly. Giving yourself 150 minutes of exercise will give you ample time to heal and keep your body toned according to its needs.
So, now that you know exactly what kind of workout your body needs, setting the routine won’t be a problem anymore. It is essential to keep your body fit and healthy, but accepting your body type and working on improving it is the first step toward body positivity. Make sure you eat right and work only to reduce the excess fat and not muscles. So are you ready to work out the right way?

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