6 Winter Hair Problems And How To Fix Them

by Jyotsana Rao

As much as you love winter, you cannot deny the fact that it wreaks havoc on your hair. The cold temperature and the lack of moisture in the air make your hair look lifeless, dry, and damaged. But before you resign yourself to the fact that your bad hair days have started, do check these tips out. These will take care of any hair issues you might face, and you will be free from hair woes until spring.

From static hair to dry and itchy scalp, here’s how you can deal with the most common winter woes.

1. Dull And Frizzy Hair

As the moisture level in the atmosphere starts dropping, your hair tends to get dry and brittle – like straw or hay. This dryness can lead to all the other problems on this list (and of course, breakage as well), which you will definitely want to avoid.

How To Fix It

Protection is the key to good hair. Try to avoid the dry heat products and switch to nourishing and hydrating hair care products. Add Argan or Moroccan hair oils to your hair care regimen.

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Watch this video to get rid of your dull and frizzy hair.

2. Itchy Scalp

Winter tends to dry out the moisture from your skin, and that includes your scalp as well. It becomes extremely dry and itchy. A dry scalp and dandruff go hand-in-hand. A flaky scalp causes a lot of embarrassment.

How To Fix It

Try not to scratch your scalp; this will minimize the damage caused. Use an anti-dandruff shampoo and moisturizing conditioners that will help sooth your dry scalp.

If your scalp is unbearably itchy, dab some warm coconut oil on your scalp and massage it for 10 minutes. This will help ease the itching.

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Treat your itchy and dry scalp by following these simple home remedies.

3. Limp Hair

Due to the lack of humidity in winter, your hair becomes limp and hangs lifelessly. All the time you wasted on blow drying your hair and styling it perfectly gets totally wasted.

How To Fix It

If the brutal winter wind is leaving your fine hair thin and lifeless, try some volumizing products. Instead of washing your hair twice to give it body, use a dry shampoo. This will also help add volume.

4. Split Ends

If you do not remember the last time you got a trim, then it is the appropriate time to give your hair some TLC. The best way to get rid of split ends is to get a hair cut, but there are some other ways as well that won’t require you to visit a salon.

How To Fix It

You can use a split end binding cream on the ends of your strands to fake fuller and healthier hair. The continuous use of this product also helps to repair the split ends by fusing them back to the strands.

5. Hat Hair

To combat the freezing temperatures of winter, you probably wear beanies made of wool or some other material. Sadly, this not only ruins your hair styling efforts but also makes it rough and disheveled.

How To Fix It

Wear your beanie right before you walk out of the door, and as soon as you reach your destination, take it off and flip your hair upside down. Do a quick run through with your fingers to rearrange your hair. Beanies cause a lot of flyaways. To prevent these, always carry a hair spray with you.

6. Static Hair

Static charge is another problem that is caused due to dryness. It builds up electrons in the tresses, causing them to stand on end.

How To Fix It

You would definitely never wish to walk around looking like you stuck your finger in an electric socket. Here is the fix! Minimize the usage of heat styling products and let your hair air dry while you’re indoors. Switch to hydrating shampoos and conditioners.

These are the most common winter hair problems. Now that you know how to fix them, just chill out and enjoy the season.

Happy Winter!

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