How To Get Rid Of Bacne For Good

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Acne — as long as it’s not on my face I am fine, said no one ever. Acne can be the bane of your existence, always ready to shame you at any given instance. Now, if you are the one who is thinking but what in the world is bacne, then let me tell you it’s a close relative of the acne. It has the same characteristics; the only difference is its geography.

That’s right, while acne ravages your face, bacne converts your smooth back into its pockmarked territory. The other drawback of having bacne is also that you never get to showcase your beautiful back in those beautiful sundresses. Now, that would be a shame, wouldn’t it? So on your behalf, we did some digging around on the internet to come up with a few tips and tricks which will help you get rid of bacne for good. Read on to know exactly how.

1. Exfoliate Your Back Regularly

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Just as our face is home to a large number of sebaceous glands, our back too has quite a few of them. Actually, the back has more sebaceous glands than any other body part. This means that oil production over there is more. This makes it very susceptible to acne. To avoid piling up of dead cells that inevitably block the pores, exfoliate your back regularly. Use granulated body wash or body scrub to do so. Exfoliating your back twice a week can do the trick.

2. Wear Breathable Fabrics And Clothing

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In most scenarios, our back remains covered for the better part of the day. And if you are already suffering from a breakout, then any skin irritant such as sweat might just exacerbate it further. Therefore, it’s better that you wear fabrics which allow your skin to breathe and absorb the sweat. It’s better if you switch to clothing made from fabrics such as cotton and in lighter colors.

3. Opt For Spot Treatments

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Just as you do for your face, you can also opt for spot treatments for your back. They can help you target those hard to reach places on your back that never see the light of the day. Try using masks that have ingredients such as salicylic acid, tea tree oil, etc (1).

4. Head Straight For The Shower After A Workout

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One of the reasons the bacne is a persistent problem for many is the effort they put in the gym. Yes, that’s right. When you work up a sweat, it increases the likelihood of clogging the pores on your back, which can cause you to breakout. So whenever possible, shower immediately post-workout so that there is no build-up of sweat and grime.

5. Keep Your Hair Off Your Back

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This may sound unusual, but your beautiful, long flowing tresses might be the ones that are causing your bacne. Well, the tresses themselves are not the culprits, but the products you use to maintain them such as serums, conditioners are composed of ingredients that can block the pores of your skin. To avoid this, after you have rinsed off the hair products from your hair in the shower, wash off your back with water once again to get rid of any residue. And after you have toweled your hair slip into a cotton shirt before letting your hair rest on your back.

6. Wash Your Bedsheets And Workout Gear Regularly

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It seems like an uphill task, but recycled bedsheets and workout gear can be the breeding ground for acne-causing bacteria. Therefore, work out a system so that you always have a fresh gear, and a clean bedsheet, avoid the temptation to squeeze in a few days in the same bedsheet just because it doesn’t look dirty. It might look clean and yet might be harboring a lot of disease-causing bacteria.

7. Get A Back Facial

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The problem with back is you don’t really get to see what’s going on in there, as a result, you can’t really treat bacne on your own. If your bacne refuses to let go despite your best efforts, then it might be time to call for reinforcements. Go for a back clean-up and facial, specially oriented for bacne, at a registered cosmetician. A professional, exfoliation done with the help of power tools might just get you the results you have been looking for.

Apart from these tips, remember that the secret to good skin is a good lifestyle. Have a healthy diet, which is rich in fiber. Also, include probiotics in your diet which can make the good bacteria grow in your intestine aiding in a healthy gut.

If, after employing all these tips and tricks, you still fail to see an improvement, we suggest you visit a dermatologist to get to the root of the matter.

Do you have any other tips that can help one get rid of bacne for good? Share them with us in the comments section.

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