6 Ways To Get Rid Of Muscle Knots All Over Your Body

by Shivani K

You can be a gym freak or you could also be a couch potato or you might be a victim of the infamous sedentary lifestyle. Whatever the case may be, when the deadly muscle knots strike, none of us is spared. If you’re wondering these muscle knots are, we’ll explain it to you. They are these small bump-like points of your muscles where you experience unbearable pain upon touching them (1). The scientific term for this is myofascial trigger points. These muscle knots tend to occur when the fibers inside our muscles are unable to relax due to a hinderance.

If you have any of these knots, it becomes difficult for you to perform the easiest of the everyday tasks. Unlike most other cramps, placing a hot water bag underneath that muscle knot will not subside it. There are specific techniques that remove these muscle knots and here’s quick list of those techniques-

1. The Gastron Technique

This is one of the patented forms of manual therapy techniques which is used to remove the muscle knots in our body. You can call it an intense form of massage as well. The special tool used for this is stainless steel. The experts who perform this technique make use of six different types of stainless steel tools. This technique can also be used to treat the acute pain in muscles post-surgical procedures (2). And let us once again remind you that this can be performed only by trained and certified clinicians. So, don’t go take that stainless steel rod from the backyard of your home and try to remove the knot yourself. You might worsen your condition.

2. Using Tennis Balls


The tennis balls can be used more than just for playing the sport. Take one or two tennis balls depending upon the surface area of the muscle where you are facing the pain. Place these balls right beneath the area where you are facing the muscle pain. By pressing gently, try and roll the balls over the area of pain. The muscle knots tend to get soothed out because of the gentle rubbing and the slight pressure exerted on the muscles (3). Maybe, in the beginning, you might feel a little bit of pain and discomfort. But, with time, the pain will subside.

3. Simple Massaging


This is something that you can do at home with the help of another person and release the muscle knots all by yourself. Firstly, you’ll have to locate and identify the muscle knots. Once that is done, with the help of your fingers rub the painful area in circular motion. That should do the trick for you. Getting a massage irrespective of whether or not you suffer from muscle knots is extremely beneficial for your body. Massaging your body is like pampering it. It helps to increase the blood circulation in your body’s tissues and muscles; it eases the muscles, thereby, removing its stiffness (4). This technique is one of the most sought after techniques for removing the muscle knots.

4. Using A Foam Roller


This is another tool that is a savior when it comes to getting rid of muscle knots (5). The fact that it is easily available in the gym you work out at is a bonus. All you have to do is place the foam roller horizontally on the floor. And lie on it in a way that your sore areas of pains fall on the roller. Once you’ve done this, slowly roll your body over it with light pressure. Make it a point to do it at least thrice a day to see the best results.

5. The Acupuncture Treatment


This treatment is an experience in itself. In acupuncture, thin needles are inserted into the body in order to release the pain (6). The needle is aimed right at the center of the muscle knots which relaxes the muscles. Sometimes, just one session will suffice to ease the pain. But depending on how your body reacts to the treatment, one or two sessions extra might be required. This is an ancient Chinese therapy.

6. The Cupping Treatment


This is a therapy whose origin lies in China. It is a deep tissue massage which is used as an alternative for medicinal treatment. In this form of therapy, the therapist places the cups on the muscle knots to create a form of suction. The cups are placed that way for a few minutes (7). People get cupping done not just for removing the muscle knots, but also for body relaxation and good blood circulation.

How To Avoid Muscle Knots

Here are the following things that you need to keep in mind for this:

  • Follow correct postures while sitting or standing
  • Include adequate vitamins in your diet
  • Exercise regularly

These were some of the ways to treat muscle knots. Do you know of any other way to eliminate them? Let us know in the comments below.

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