11 Ways To Get Rid Of Swollen Feet During Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is a phase in your life that you will probably never forget. No matter how many trips you take to the washroom, how anxious you feel, and how big you get, the moment you hold your baby in your hands, it’s all worth it! But honestly, the nine months of pregnancy are not a bed of roses. It has many episodes of feeling uneasy and being super uncomfortable. Besides not being able to fit into your favorite jeans and being super gassy, your body goes through drastic changes in a short span of time. One of the most dreaded of all things that happen during pregnancy is swollen feet. Even though they are not precisely painful, they are definitely something we don’t look forward to! If you were looking for ways to get rid of them, you are at the right place. We at Stylecraze, made a list of things to try that will bring relief to your happy feet!

1. Reduce Sodium Intake

Reduce Sodium Intake
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One easy way to reduce swelling is to reduce sodium intake through food. Salt has properties that help your body hold on to excess water (1). You might not be putting extra salt in your food, but consuming a lot of canned food will sum up to chubby feet. You can replace salt with rosemary, oregano, or thyme. These herbs will spice up your dishes in a more pregnant-friendly way. We’re sure you will experience a change in your taste palette due to this diet swap. In a few weeks, you will hardly feel the need to consume salt.

2. Increase Intake Of Potassium

Increase Intake Of Potassium
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Potassium aids the regulation of fluids in your body, so you can guess what the absence of the mineral can do to your feet! Your prenatal vitamin supplements should contain extra doses of potassium to keep your body healthy throughout the pregnancy. You can also add these potassium-rich foods to your diet, like potatoes with skin, bananas, spinach, fruit juices, beets, lentils, beans, and salmon (2).

3. Reduce Caffeine Intake

Reduce Caffeine Intake
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The moment you got to know you are pregnant, you must have kept your coffee cup away; and we appreciate that. Even though sticking to one cup of coffee won’t harm you or the baby, increasing the dose will only worsen your swelling. Also, coffee being a diuretic will make you take more trips to the washroom, which no pregnant woman wants (3). You can try switching to herbal tea or decaf tea to slowly eliminate the coffee addiction.

4. Drink More Water

Drink More Water
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This might seem odd as drinking more fluids to combat turgidity does not sound right, but the fact is, if your body believes you’re dehydrated, it will hold onto even more fluid to try and help. Make sure you drink up to 10 glasses of water to help your kidneys eliminate the bad stuff and keep your body hydrated. If you’re feeling overwhelmed to drink so much water, you can flavor your water with mint, lemon, or even fruits to enhance the taste. All of this is even more important when you are pregnant as you need proper and regular cleansing. This is one of the many natural ways to keep your body toxin-free. It will keep both you and your baby healthy.

5. Balance Your Rest & Workout Time

Relax Them And Elevate Them
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Although sitting for hours can cause hindrance in blood circulation, keeping your legs elevated on a higher tool will help you rest while draining the fluids through your body. Also, taking a brisk walk is an excellent idea to keep your legs from numbing out. It is true that you are advised to take maximum rest while pregnant. But staying put in one place causes many physical and mental issues. No one wants to be docked while their belly is steadily growing. So don’t shy away from stepping out to your nearby supermarket to grab your weekly groceries from time to time.

6. Wear Loose Clothes

Wear Loose Clothes
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When we say loose clothes, we do not mean you have to be out of style! You can be a cool mom without pushing your waist, wrist, and ankles into tight clothing. Opt for materials that let your skin breathe and do not cause any kind of irritation when they rub against your skin. For example, a flowy jumpsuit, palazzos, a flared dress, etc.

7. Keep Cool

Keep Cool
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Particularly if you’re expecting in the summer months, staying away from vigorous exercise will help you stay cool and reduce the swelling. You can choose a favorite spot in your room right under the fan and drink lots of juices to keep you cool and fresh.

8. Wear Compression Stockings

Wear Compression Stockings
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Compression stockings softly compress your legs and feet to ensure fluids are well circulated. Avoid knee-high compression stockings because they could become too snug in the midline of the portion and cause more swelling.

9. Walk

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Pregnancy does not mean staying inactive on the couch all day. A ten-minute walk a couple of times each day will help increase circulation and reduce the swelling. Anything as small as going up the terrace for a stroll is enough to keep your body active. You can also indulge in pregnancy-safe exercises and work out a little to keep your body fit, and make birthing easier.

10. Wear Shoes That Are Comfortable

Wear Shoes That Are Comfortable
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Pregnancy means waving goodbye to your classy high heels. But you can also enjoy the comfortable padded sole shoes that reduce swelling and keep your feet snuggled. They also help avoid back and hip problems that may cause issues when your body’s gravity changes with the increase in your weight.

11. Get A Foot Massage

Get A Foot Massage
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A nice foot massage will help in getting the circulation of fluids in your feet and reduce the swelling. You can also use a hot water bag to bring relief to the feet while your masseuse rubs your soles gently. If you are at home, you can ask your partner to do that for you. Simply dipping your feet in warm water is enough to release half of your tense muscles.

Now that you know what will bring ease to your feet, making them pretty again will be a piece of cake. Swollen feet can be uncomfortable and sometimes painful, so that’s why you need to make sure to stroll around. Make sure you keep yourself active and healthy throughout the pregnancy and focus on a nutritious diet. The healthier you stay, the better your child will grow. Do you have any secrets to glowing during your pregnancy? Let us know in the comments!


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