8 Ways To Go A WEEK Without Washing Your Hair

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Listen up, ladies and gents, this is no rocket science and it isn’t gross at all. Some may have the habit of giving their hair a wash every single day or at least twice a week. However, it is important to understand that your hair will slowly start to feel more rough and irritating rather than soft and fluffy. Especially when many are still staying at home and working with less exposure to outdoor pollution, it is okay to not tug and strip your hair of its moisturizing oils plus tire yourself by putting in this futile effort every day.

Not only is it a pain to dry your hair on a winter morning, but it also strips the natural oils from your scalp. Now, if you were counting the number of days you could pass without showering and people judging you with a wrinkled nose stare; the answer really depends on how well you manage your hair. There are certain tricks that help you keep your hair bouncy and clean without shampooing for a whole week. Read on to know all the things you can do to flaunt shiny hair without washing it daily!

1. Eat Nutritious Food

When in doubt, always follow the phrase – You are what you eat. It works both for your hair and skin. No matter what products you use and how much you condition your hair, if you don’t give nutrition to your hair from within, it will fall out! All the bad hair day problems like dry hair, frizzy hair, and rough hair have roots in lacking vital vitamins and minerals. Your hair strands are made up of keratin and require regular replenishment. Once you get on a healthy diet, you will see your hair shine and bounce perfectly even after a week from washing your hair.

2. Be Gentle With Your Hair

We understand your urge to bounce and play with your hair, but be it combing, shampooing, or just running your fingers through your hair, you have to make sure you don’t break your hair shafts off. Broken hair accumulates dust which will make your hair look dirty and greasy. Once you dry your hair, get it pinned up gently and let it be. If you are in the habit of constantly tugging your hair back into a ponytail repeatedly, think twice before doing it. Not only are you at the risk of your hairline receding, but will pull out many strands of your hair in the process.

3. Shampoo Thoroughly

An easy way to make sure that you shampoo your hair less often is by washing it correctly for the very first time. Get yourself a gel-based organic shampoo and gently massage your hair from the scalp to the tips while you wash it. Once done, dry it with a cotton cloth and let it rest until next week.

4. Do Not Touch Your Hair Too Often

Hair is very delicate, so roughhousing with it is definitely not a good idea. All the dance floor moves of stroking, twirling, or pulling back hair are way off the charts. Also, your fingers contain oil, and that can make your hair greasy without you realizing it.

5. Dry Shampoo Your Hair

Let us take a moment and thank humanity for inventing dry shampoo! It is that magical spray that can make your hair look bouncy and pretty rather than soggy and sticky. All you need to do is make partitions of your hair, spray the dry shampoo on it and let it sit for 10 minutes. Once you feel it is lifted, brush it neatly, and you are good to go. Having said that, using dry shampoo every single day can be a bad idea as it will lead to product accumulation and damage. Instead, wait till after three days of not washing your hair. Once your hair starts feeling greasy, apply some dry shampoo to tame it and add some fluff. Using it a minimum of twice or thrice a week is recommended.

6. Postpone Your Hair Wash

If you don’t want to shampoo your hair, there are numerous ways to postpone the wash! If your hair feels greasy, just curl it! This way, you can style it differently without stripping off oils from your hair. Also, there are hairstyles like sleek braids and a messy bun that makes you look gorgeous without letting your hair down or your hair letting you down!

7. Avoid Hair Products

Excessive use of hair products can reduce the production of natural oils from your hair roots. Hair products also tend to leave a trace of chemical residues, making the hair unhealthy and rough. Instead of going for commercial products, make time for DIY hair care recipes that will keep your hair soft and shiny using natural ingredients only. Also, stay away from heating tools if you don’t want your hair to become very brittle. Products like dry shampoo, blowdryer, and hair serum are recommended and that’s about it. Using straighteners or curling iron will make your hair look worse and cause damage.

8. Use The Right Hairbrush

Whatever you do, do not use plastic brushes to brush your hair. Opt to use brushes that are made from natural fibers. Hairbrushes made of boar’s hair are thought to be the best organic brushes. The benefit of using a hairbrush composed of natural materials is that it assists in spreading the oil throughout your hair in a uniform manner, keeping your hair healthy without shampooing regularly.

Now you know the secret of keeping your hair clean and fresh smelling for long, maintaining it won’t be a problem anymore! In addition to these tricks, make sure you do not use high-temperature water to wash your hair. Basically, be gentle and don’t abuse your precious hair with many products. Also, use a cotton cloth instead of a towel to dry your hair. Once you master these tricks, you can go without washing your hair for more than a week! Did you know these hacks before? Let us know in the comments section!

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