How To Hug A Girl Who Is Shorter Than You

by Shivani K

A hug is the most genuine gestures of affection that you can show to a person. In times of distress, a hug can pacify the person who is going through hardships in life. And in times of happiness, a hug can elevate the spirits of an already happy person. What we’re trying to say is that a hug can never go wrong; it’s the best thing in the world that one can bequeath onto others and receive from them. And when it comes to the special, significant ones in our lives, their hugs literally make the sun shine a little brighter on a particularly gloomy day, don’t they?

But even the most well-intentioned hugs can go horribly wrong at times. This happens especially if the person you are hugging is a girl who is shorter than you. Hugging somebody who is shorter than you is a challenge for you as well as the person whom you’re hugging. You can experience cringe-worthy moments of embarrassment if you don’t do it the right way. You don’t want to make the girl feel conscious about her shortness or be daunted by your tall stature. Here are some tips that we’ve put forth to help you understand how to hug a girl who is shorter than you.

1. Hugging Her From The Side


This kind of hugging is basically approaching the girl you intend to hug from the side. Which side you will be hugging is mostly determined by the way you both are standing next to each other. This is how you’ll have to do it when you proceed to hug her:

  • You’ll have to step closer to her.
  • As you are closing in towards her, hold out your arm horizontally towards her shoulder.
  • Wait till both of your sides are touching and then hug sideways.

The advantage of this form of hug is that you’ll avoid pushing her head onto your waist or chest which can be embarrassing for both of you.

2. Hug Her With Both Your Arms Unfolded In Front Of You


Now, this method involves certain steps. In this way of hugging, you will be facing the girl. Because of which you will have to position your body in a manner that you are able to reach her height.

  • Bend down so that her head is able to rest on your shoulder or at least, is able to find a comfortable resting spot on your chest.
  • Don’t make the mistake of wrapping your hands around her neck. This will make her look up at you and stress upon the fact that she is shorter than you.
  • Instead, lean in a way such that you can hold onto her waist. Wrap your hands around her upper back. When you do this, she is going to be comfortable too.
  • And remember to keep facing forward. Don’t turn your head sideways unless you want both of your heads to bump.
  • It’s extremely important to make sure that you are leaning during the entire duration of the hug. Many make the mistake of leaving this position when the girl is relaxed, which again, makes it very uncomfortable for her.
  • Hug her. Let her feel your hug, and after a few seconds you can withdraw from your position and be relaxed.

3. Things You Should Know To Avoid Being Embarrassed


A hug is nothing but a physical manifestation of an emotion. Therefore, never make the mistake of making it awkward. What we mean to say is, neither should you apologize for being tall nor should the girl apologize for being short.

  • Never say things like these before hugging – “Guess I’ll have to bend to hug you” or “Sorry, I’m so tall.” When two people hug, they are bound to figure out the disparity in their respective heights. So don’t make it awkward by putting it out there. But, yes, playful honesty is always okay.
  • Another mistake that most men make is they just stand and wait for the girl to position herself for the hug. Hey, your intention was to hug her, and make her feel good, right? Then why are you waiting? All you need to do is take charge and hug her in a manner in which she feels comfortable.
  • You need to keep your hands away from her neck and her head. If you don’t do this, you are more likely to make her feel like she was ambushed into hugging you.


  • Also remember that you cannot just lift a person you just met or hardly know in order to hug her. Dear gentlemen, this borders on physical abuse. Don’t presume that just because she is short you can just lift her up and hug her. Firstly, you can’t do that until you know for sure that you have her consent. And even if she is consenting, you need to wait for her to give you a signal to lift her up.

Now you know the dos and don’ts of hugging a person shorter than you. Hug them and make them feel their best by keeping the aforementioned tips in mind.

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