12 Small Changes To Improve Your Quality Of Life

by Pooja Srinivas

A calm and focused mind, a body that is disease-free and shapely, and a soul filled with happiness and satisfaction are signs of a good quality of life. However, how many of us really pay attention to gifting ourselves a good quality of life? Often, we are lost in work, deadlines, responsibilities, and in short, end up making ourselves beasts of endless burden.

But, did you know that all you need is to bring in small changes to see a paradigm shift in the quality of your life? Curious to know more about these tiny changes? Read on to know about the 12 small things to change to improve your quality of life significantly!

1. Stick To The Water Rule

It is recommended to drink a glass or two of water first thing in the morning. This serves as an activator for our system, almost like ignition to a car. After a good night’s sleep, our body feels dehydrated and tired and hence, one must make it a point to energize it with water.

2. Change The Coffee Routine


Coffee when had in the pure form, i.e. without adding milk, cream or sugar, serves almost like a medicine. This kind of coffee is great for the brain. It is packed with antioxidants that can help you keep your youth for a longer time. The caffeine in the coffee helps memory, improves reflexes, and makes the neurons work at a faster speed.

3. Do First Things First

Doing things we hate first are as good as removing an obstacle from one’s path. If you need to mow the lawn or finish that presentation, finish it early so that it stops bothering you!

4. Eat Purple With The Green


Adding a dash of purple to your bowl of greens can be hugely beneficial to your health. Beetroot is packed with vitamin B and antioxidants. Eating beet would improve one’s concentration level, blood circulation, and oxygen supply. They taste great when eaten boiled, but you could even chop them and add them to your salad bowl or just have them alone with a dash of lemon juice on top.

5. Smile Often

Scientists and spiritual gurus believe that a simple smile can transform the world around us. As per the ongoing research, as well as by common sense, a smile is contagious. It makes us a lot more attractive and instantly cheers us as well as those around us. Smiling also keeps us younger and helps us live longer (1). Do you need more reasons to smile?

6. Step Up On Vitamin D Intake


Certain kinds of depression, sleep disorders, and disorders based on seasonal changes are often related to a lack of vitamin D. Vitamin D is produced in our body when our skin gets exposed to sunlight. Interestingly, when our eyes meet the sun, a happiness hormone called serotonin is generated inside our body – what more reasons could you need to soak in some vitamin D!

7. Train Your Intellect

Solving puzzles, thinking out of the box, and doing things differently are types of cognitive exercises that make you smarter. By challenging one’s brain, the memory function get a boost, and concentration and logical reasoning also get better.

8. Posture Perfect


Humans were designed to be on the move all day, but here we are sitting 8 hours a day, staring at our screens. Lack of activity and desk jobs take a toll on our body; the worst affected are fingers, shoulders, the spine, and one’s legs. To avoid spoiling your health, take frequent breaks, walk around a little, and keep that posture straight.

9. Monitor Your Thoughts

It is rightly said that we are what we think and hence, it is essential to watch what we think. Make sure you keep a track on your thoughts; keep the positive ones with you and discard the negative ones before they ruin your peace of mind.

10. Aromatherapy


Imagine the fragrance of a freshly baked cake with a lingering fragrance of vanilla filling up your home. Aromatherapy is known to reduce anxiety and stress, cure fatigue and insomnia, relieve muscle aches, headaches and menstrual issues, and boost circulation to name a few (2). Hence, it is a small but great addition to your home!

11. Relax

A nice body massage in the quiet of one’s home or in a good spa has more benefits than we can count. Massages can relax one’s body and mind as the stress hormone called cortisol drops during a body massage. It soothes frayed nerves, tired muscles, and reduces soreness and fatigue in the body.

12. Sleep Well


Everyone should gift themselves sleep therapy in ample amounts! Sleep rejuvenates and refreshes our body and mind, and hence, is a must. Make sure to sleep on your back as sleeping on the chest is not recommended.

I am sure all of us would love to step up the quality of our living, and these 12 changes are very simple to imbibe into our lives!

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