11 Ways to Keep Your Hair Tangle-Free

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No matter what your hair quality and length is, tangled hair bothers everyone. One moment you comb it out and enjoy the open hair look, the very next moment, it looks like a tumbleweed stuck on your head!

Wish there was some secret to keeping your hair tangle-free without worrying about the dust, pollution, and wind? Well, there is! And the best part? You don’t have to plunge into your pocket and buy expensive hair products! Here are some easy ways to maintain tangle-free hair without clutching it all up in a bun.

What Causes Hair To Tangle?

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Constant tangling could be due to several reasons ranging from texture of your hair, style of brushing, exposure to the environment, as well as the health of your hair. Your hair is more likely to tangle if:

  • Your hair is curly
  • Your hair is naturally thick
  • It is very long
  • It is very fine
  • It is scorched
  • It is damaged
  • You don’t brush often
  • You sleep with your hair open

How To Put An End To Hair Tangling

Now to put an end to the persistent problem of hair tangling, here are some easy and doable ways to keep your hair tangle-free and sleek always.

1. Regular Trimming

Regular Trimming
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Although we love experimenting with new hair products, it may lead to damaged hair and split ends. Your hair is constantly growing, and trimming your hair every six to seven weeks can prevent split ends and maintain healthy hair. Make it a routine to get your hair trimmed every three months.

2. Brush Your Hair Before Shampooing

Brush Your Hair Before Shampooing
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After washing your hair, it is natural for your hair to get tangled, but the secret lies in detangling it before you wash the hair. Start brushing from the root to the tip gently to keep the hair breakage to a minimum.

3. Shampoo When Necessary

Shampoo When Necessary
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It is essential to wash your hair regularly, but it is unnecessary to do so every day if your hair doesn’t get dirty. Washing hair dries up hair follicles and removes the natural oils from your hair. This may lead to hair fall and ultimately result in tangled hair.

4. Apply Conditioner

Apply Conditioner
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Conditioners mostly contain silicone, and it helps in your hair’s resistance to frizz and humidity. Once you apply a conditioner, it will be easier to comb your hair out without fearing any knots or tangles. If you have damaged hair, use leave-in conditioners to smoothen your hair at full length.

5. Apply Oils To Hair Roots

Apply Oils To Hair Roots
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Warm oil is the best way to condition your hair. Once your hair is washed and clean, apply warm oil on the hair roots and gently massage the hair follicles. You can choose macadamia, coconut, or argan oil for a perfect conditioning treatment. These oils restore the hair cuticles while adding hydration to your hair shafts.

6. Use A Wide-Toothed Comb

Use A Wide-Toothed Comb
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When you brush your hair, use a wide-toothed comb made of wood. This will reduce the static buildup and create less breakage than a plastic brush. Once the breakage is reduced, you can protect your hair from getting tangled.

7. Avoid Styling Tools

Avoid Styling Tools
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This might be difficult as everything you style your hair with needs heat, from blow-drying to straightening. However, if you keep the heating to a minimum, you might reduce the breakage and tangling. Styling tools lead to the weakening of the hair grip, and hence they eventually fall out. Even if you have to use these tools, use protectants to shield the hair from direct heat.

8. Rinse With Cold Water

Rinse With Cold Water
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The biggest mistake we make with hair wash is using the same temperature water for the body and your hair. Even if you shower in warm water, make sure you use lower-temperature water for the final rinse. Warm water opens your cuticles and makes them weak enough to fall out with a single pull.

9. Choose The Right Products

Choose The Right Products
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Many ingredients add to build up and make it necessary for you to shampoo more often. One of the ingredients present in most hair care products that make your hair dry is alcohol. Go for natural ingredients to keep your hair strong and healthy without the need for any chemical ingredients.

10. Protect Your Hair While Sleeping

Protect Your Hair While Sleeping
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The majority of people face tangled hair in their sleep. This is because of the friction that your hair and pillow cover generates. The best way to avoid it is to opt for silk pillow covers or tie your hair in a loose braid.

11. Keep Your Hair Tied

Keep Your Hair Tied
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We understand how pretty relaxed hair looks; however, it also acts as a filter net for dust and pollution. The best way to maintain clean hair is to keep your hair tied up when you don’t have to flaunt it.
So, now that you know how to make sure your hair remains tangle-free, brushing your hair at full length flawlessly is going to be an achievable dream. The main catch is to make sure your hair is healthy and damage-free, so it does not lead to hair breakage. Do you have any secrets to maintaining gorgeous hair? Let us know in the comments below!

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