10 Tips To Keep Your Skin Cool In The Summers

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Life is all about missing summers in the winters and missing winters in the summers! Remember how we craved the warm glow of the sun a few months ago? Now that the temperature is rising a few degrees above comfortable, it is already showing on your skin. Wish there was a way to keep your skin cool while enjoying the outdoors? Well, thankfully, there is! Here are a few tips and natural remedies that will help you keep your body cool without having to confine yourself indoors through the summer months. Read on to know them all!

1. Take Two Showers Daily

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Bathing has multiple purposes, it isn’t just to wash away the dirt. When it comes to keeping your body cool, it’s best to take a shower twice a day. Taking a cold shower helps to cool down your body after a strenuous workout. Before getting out of the shower, allow cold water to cool down your body to seal your pores and get your skin ready. This reduces your core body temperature, so you’ll feel more refreshed.

2. Moisturize With A Light Lotion

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Immediately after showering, apply some moisturizer to retain the hydration. To feel light and airy, choose one that has a citrus scent. A mild moisturizer for your face will work best. Protect yourself from the sun’s damaging rays by slathering on sunscreen liberally all over your body. If your skin is dry, apply a layer of moisturizer under the sunscreen. However, most sunscreens already include a hydrating basis, so check before applying a moisturizing product.

3. Tie Your Hair Up

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To keep cool in the summer heat, wear your hair up and keep it away from your face and neck. There is no better hairstyle than a ponytail, an updo, or a hair bun. If you want, you can opt for a summer friendly haircut like a pixie or blunt.

4. Drink Plenty Of Water

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To avoid dehydration from the sweltering summer heat, you should drink a lot of water throughout the day. Fresh fruits like watermelon, grapefruit, oranges, or strawberries make great snacks and should be incorporated as a part of your diet with other hydrating beverages.

5. Avoiding Caffeine

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Your body will dehydrate if you drink caffeinated beverages such as coffee and tea. Even energy drinks and sodas can leave you feeling parched. Limit your intake of caffeinated beverages and drink more water instead. If you don’t enjoy drinking ordinary water, you may choose fruit-infused water that is delicious and hydrating.

6. Stay Indoors

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Stay out of the sun as much as possible, especially in the afternoons. Use an umbrella, cap, or scarf to protect your skin from the sun when you go outside.

7. Wear Clothes That Are Suited For Summers

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Keep your body cool by wearing light-colored clothing, such as pastels to reflect the sun’s rays away from your skin. White, yellow, and orange are some of the most eye-catching hues. Use light and breathable fabrics like cotton and linen. Dress comfortably and casually. Denim isn’t going to keep you as cool as a white summer dress. Shorts, skirts, and flowing shirts should be worn in place of tight-fitting clothing.

8. Befriend Aloe Vera

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Aloe Vera has high water content which makes it excellent for hydrating the skin. Its anti-inflammatory qualities help soothe the skin as well. Use Aloe Vera gel to hydrate the skin instead of thick cream if you are experiencing acne and skin issues.

9. Use Ice Cubes On Your Skin

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Refrigerated face creams, toners, gels, cold water, and ice can all be used to chill the skin and minimize inflammatory redness. It can also help reduce the appearance of pimples and oily skin. All you need to do is massage your face with ice and put your sheet masks in the fridge. When you come home after a long day, wash your face with a mild face wash and apply ice cubes or chilled skin care products to soothe the skin.

10. Use Tea And Cucumber Face Mask

Use Tea And Cucumber Face Mask
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Green tea and cucumbers both have astringent properties. They have a lot of antioxidants; they are moisturizing, lightweight, and non-greasy. These ingredients are a blessing for those battling acne and oily skin. You need green tea leaves and one whole, peeled cucumber. Pulp it and apply it onto your skin after washing your face with water.

So now that you know the secrets to maintain glowing skin, nothing can keep you from enjoying the day out at the beach. Make sure you add sunscreen to your skincare routine and keep yourself hydrated always. One trick to knowing if you are mildly dehydrated is to check if your lips are chapped. The more water you drink, the plumper your lips appear.

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