How To Look Taller In Photos

by Saumya Gaur

Height, one of the most desirable physical attributes for humans is equally exclusive as well. Wanted by many, had by some, most of us have to make do with whatever meager inches and feet we’ve been granted by nature and of course, genetics.

And more or less, we’ve made our peace with it as well. But, every now and then, when you come across a picture where you’ve been tagged by your vertically-gifted friends where they are towering over you, do you think if only there was something you could do to look taller.

You resort to all kinds of tricks and hacks to achieve this, even going so far as to risk the well-being of your spine by sporting ginormous heels. But do you really want to look good at the cost of your health? No, right?

So what can you do to not look vertically-challenged in those not-so-flattering images that your friends keep posting on all the social media websites? Worry not, for we have a few tricks up our sleeve which will allow you to strut your stuff without getting dwarfed by all those bigfoots around you. Ready to stand tall? Here they are.

1. Take The Picture From Below


If you ever noticed, to a great extent, looking great in photos is governed by a lot of external factors such as lighting, the angle of the camera, and manner of posing, etc. And your wish of looking tall too can be realized by making use of these factors.

If you are getting your picture taken by someone or taking it yourself, try to position the camera below you. Doing this allows the camera to be angled up, and thus elongates your figure giving you the appearance of more height in pictures.

2. Find Something/Someone Shorter To Stand Next To


In photography, it’s all about perspective. Have you realized that when you get your picture taken while you are standing on a plain background, you don’t appear short? It’s only when you stand next to someone or something taller than you that you appear short by comparison.

Therefore, to appear tall, you should try to stand next to something or someone shorter than you. You will appear tall by comparison.

3. Walk And Click


While we are all for the occasional posed pictures where you are sitting in a plush chair in a regal pose or that obligatory “I-was-here” photo next to the venue of your last weekend outing, if you want to look tall, try to take a picture in which you are walking.

Not only such candid shots make for great pictures, but the act of being in mid-stride also makes your legs appear leaner, and longer giving you the appearance of height.

4. Limit Your Frame


If you have an amazing background that you really want to include in your picture, then it’s ok if you click a wide shot, otherwise try to limit the frame of your image to your height. A few spare inches above or below can make you appear shorter so it’s better to avoid that.

5. Cropped Photos Are A No-No


Maybe you feel conscious of your short legs or you think your torso isn’t long enough or that you have a chubby tummy. Whatever may be the reason almost all of us are guilty of cropping our photos to hide our not-so-attractive physical attributes (for us, everyone is beautiful, irrespective of their size, color, race or gender!).

But doing so only makes you look shorter. Our legs give us the appearance of height and if you’re not including them in the picture that effect is lost. So always click full-body pictures.

6. Wear Monochromatic Clothing


Yes, the color of your clothing plays a significant role in the way you look in your photos. Wearing a single color or close approximation of the same color gives your body the appearance of clean, long lines that appear to lengthen your body.

This gives you the appearance of being taller. And if you are wearing more dark, sophisticated shades it’s even better.

7. Stand Straight


This one’s a no-brainer but still, we are reiterating it here just to remind you. In order to look tall, you need to correct your posture. Oftentimes we don’t realize it, but because we are so accustomed to looking down at our mobile phones, laptop screens, etc. we inadvertently slouch even when we are not hooked to these electronic gadgets. However, in order to appear tall, you need to be alert and see to it that doesn’t happen when you’re getting photographed. Stand up straight with your head held up and pull your shoulders back. Do the same even if you are sitting down for a photo.

See, no surgical intervention required. All you needed were a few tricks and voila! Just like James’ beanstalk you will also appear to have hit a growth spurt if you follow these tricks.

Do you know any other tips or tricks by which one can appear taller in photos? Let us know in the comments section.

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