6 Ways To Maintain The Natural ‘Secret Lipstick’ Celebrity Look

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Celebrities influence our beauty standards like no other. Be it the way they style their hair, wear their makeup, or drape their clothes, each of them becomes a trend we would kill to follow. Speaking of makeup, by now, you must have figured out that even their no-makeup look requires at least three layers of makeup dabbed on their skin. While you choose to ignore your lips peeling under matte lipstick, the onscreen actress looks like a goddess in her lush and juicy lips while using the same lipstick. If you are done with the chapped, cracking, and flaking lips, we have solutions. Go through the list of tricks to always make your lips look flawless and pout-worthy always!

1. Keep Them Moisturized

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It is natural for lips to crack and flake with the slightest change in temperature and humidity. To prevent it from chapping, moisturize on a regular basis.The best way to do so is to apply a thick lip balm a few minutes before applying your makeup. Once your lips soak it up, gently rub it out with your fingertips and add the lipstick of your choice.

2. Use A Lip Liner

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We agree you can’t have a lip liner for each lipstick shade you own, and when it comes to this, the safest option to go for is a shade of brown that closely resembles your skin tone. It is a neutral color that makes up for most shades. Once you apply the lipstick inwards, blend it slightly to make sure it looks the same color as the liner. It also helps in keeping it smudge-proof.

3. Shift The Tint From Center To The Sides

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If you study your lips, you will notice that it gets darker on the sides and lighter in the middle. Follow the same trick while applying lipstick. Even with the no-makeup look, You can try this and keep the pigment shifted to the sides. Dab a lighter shade in the middle-lower lips to reflect a perfect pout.

4. Apply The Lipstick With Your Fingers

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Don’t go on what they show in ads because it’s mostly CGI. Instead of applying the lipstick directly, rub it on your fingertips and dab it gently on your lips. This will create a perfect mix and keep your look as natural as possible. This technique is especially effective if the color is light and you want it to look natural.

5. Blot The Excess Off

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Even if you are applying smudge-proof lipstick, blotting ensures that the excess stain is removed before transferring it to your teeth or teacups. Once you apply the lipstick, make a duck face and press your lips together on blotting paper. You can also use paper towels if you are out of blotting paper from the stationary.

6. Use Thin Textured Products

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Do not invest in products that layer your skin like cake. It might look good in pictures, but it will wear off before you step out. Even if you want to go for full coverage matte lipsticks, try putting on a single layer and blending it out .

So, now that you know the tricks to make your lipstick look all-natural and long-lasting, here are a few tricks to keep them on your lips longer.

1. Exfoliate Your Lips

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The lack of moisture in the lips makes it difficult for the color to adhere. Apply a lip balm or coconut oil to your lips every night before you go to sleep to keep them well-moisturized. Also, exfoliate your lips lightly with soft cotton before applying lip color to eliminate dry spots. Let the petroleum jelly or lip balm sit on your lips for a few minutes before applying lipstick.

2. Use Concealer As A Lip Primer

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Use a concealer to draw a line around your lips. It functions as a lip primer, preventing smudges and spills in the corners. Your lipstick will last longer if it doesn’t leak around the borders.

3. Use A Brush To Apply The Lipstick

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Apply lipstick with a brush. Lipstick won’t stay on if you swipe it across your lips in a single motion. To begin, dab a color over the center of your lips on both the top and bottom, using a lip brush. Follow up with the top lip by applying more color to the middle of your lower lips and blending it outwards from there.

Now that you know all the ways to pull off the perfect lip look, nothing will stop you from looking your best. Make sure you shop from well known brands with quality products and check the ingredient list. You can also choose the color according to your skin tone for best results. So, do you have any secrets to pulling off the perfect lip makeup? Let us know in the comments section!

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