Three Things That Make A Woman Really Happy—My Opinion!

by Shivani K

If you were to find out from a woman as to what makes her happy, what do you think her answer would be? You might be thinking that she’d say her work, her family, her children or all the three together, right? But what if I say it’s none of these! Maybe it’s the simplest of all things that make her happy. Why is it that when we discuss women, we only talk about all things serious?

She played with her pretty dolls as a small girl, later on, bloomed like a beautiful woman, and now, she might be a boss lady, but at the end of the day, what is it that makes her happy? Being a woman myself, I’ve always pondered over this thought. I’ve realized that you can’t really zero in on a generic answer to this question. Like no two men are the same, the same applies to us women as well. All women are girly or talkative and these are the stereotypes that I personally find very annoying.


It was a beautiful autumn afternoon when Anil (my best friend) and I decided to have lunch together. It was at a newly opened restaurant in the city, which was creating a lot of buzz for their baos (a bread like dumpling, a Chinese delicacy that has fillings of your choice). That afternoon, while munching on the baos, we spoke on a lot of women-centric topics which made me think as if we were celebrating the International Women’s Day (rolls eyes). We both ended up arguing about the fact that how in spite of feminism being so popular these days, children, husbands and their happiness is considered as the greatest joy of a woman.

Isn’t it a fact? Society lives with this notion that girls are raised in a manner that they start relating their joy to the joy of their families, but honestly, that’s not the case. We, women, are more than the binding threads of a family, we can be happy on our own terms too. And with my collective experience of interacting with all the women I’ve ever known, here are the three things that I think can make a woman happy, really happy! Let’s read together.

Food, Food, and Food!


I’m sure this reminded you of Vidya Balan’s dialogue, “Entertainment, entertainment, and entertainment” from the movie Dirty Picture. We’ve all come across the daily soaps, Bollywood movies, and even our aunts saying that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. But is there a law that says it can’t be the same case with a woman as well? Well, guess what, this law does apply to a woman too. As much as we women (most of us) (winks) love to cook, we also love relishing food. We love food, and our hearts have a soft corner for everything that’s chatpata (tangy) and meetha (sweets). There’s no better way than surprising your woman by taking her on a street food-walk or to the nearest dessert parlor. If you didn’t know this, now you do! Try it and I’m sure she’ll plant some extra kisses on you. (Gleeful smile)

Ticking Off Her Bucket List


What? You thought women don’t have a bucket list of their own? Don’t tell me you thought that all that women ever wanted was to tick off the names from their favorite designers list. Women are as crazy as men, all right. They’ll probably scream louder than men while bungee jumping, but that’s their way of showing the excitement. And traveling always teaches us. In fact, there are quite a number of solo travelers that we can find, even in India. The bucket list can have the cutesy wishes too, maybe there’s a beach candlelight dinner in there or a wish to watch the fireflies shine deep in the heart of a forest. Go figure what is on her bucket list and help her fulfill them. You’ll feel like you’re the luckiest man on earth when you see her smiling like an angel.

Just Love Her


You don’t really have to buy the moon or the stars to impress her (I know! That’s what Bollywood taught us, but not true). Just love her for what she is. The problem with women is that they want to be heard, they want to be loved, and feel like they matter. Don’t wait for the women to ask you for it. It’s the basic nature of a human—to be loved and made to feel special. Stand by her side and support her in times of distress. There’s no love or relationship that is stronger than one which has survived a hardship, right? You don’t have to think; how do I make a “woman” happy. She is a human as well. Treat her as an equal and shower her with all your love.

So, what do you think makes a woman happy? Have you ever thought that things apart from her parents, her family, and children can make her happy too? If yes, then leave your answers in the comments below.

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