30 Tiny Ways To Make Him Feel Special Every Day Of The Month

By Reshmi AR

Yes, the term ‘chivalry’ is synonymous with a guy and a must-have trait of a gentleman. But who said only guys have to pamper girls? It could be the other way around too. For a change, why not make your boyfriend feel special, so he knows how much you care for him? Believe me, this will also strengthen the bond between you two. No, you don’t have to declare your love on a huge hoarding or on the radio. Even small gestures can make him happy. Here are tips you can adopt right away to please your guy. All set? Let’s begin…

  1. I agree that we live in a techno era where all the talks happen over the phone. But, do you know how it feels to read a handwritten note from the love of your life? Try doing it, and I swear the expression on his face will be worth a million bucks.
  1. Guys and sweets aren’t often associated. But a yummilicious cake baked by his sweetheart is sure to melt his heart away. Try this and tell me how it worked, will ya?
  1. Do you have the first selfie you took together? Probably at your common friend’s wedding where you first met? Well, it’s time you revisited those memories. Send him a picture from the occasion and be prepared to receive loads of love.
  1. If the lovely weather is making you all so romantic, time to let him know. Send him a naughty message, he will come running to you.
30 Tiny Ways To Make Him Feel Special Every Day Of The Month

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  1. Are you cheesy? Then, I bet you would have that side of you captured in a picture. Put one of your favorites from the lot on a social media platform and check his reaction.
  1. Love is all about being happy together. So what if both of you are miles apart? That won’t stop the two of you from enjoying a meme. Send him your favorite and have a good laugh over it.
  1. Throw him a surprise. Just gatecrash his place with his favorite junk food, and he will never forget that. Don’t you know the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach?
  1. You love privacy and love to spend time alone together. But that doesn’t mean he has to cut off all ties with his friends. Guys love it when girls consider his friends as her own. So, invite his friends over to dinner without telling your guy. He would be mighty pleased for sure.
  1. On his special day, put up sticky notes all over his place. Perhaps even on his phone and car mirror. Let him know how much he means to you.
  1. You don’t have to gift him that Harley Davidson bike on his birthday. Even cute little cards with quirky messages can make his day. Try this once, and you won’t regret it.
  1. He may be the best looking guy in the world. But it’s so lame to drool over his looks all the time. At times, it helps to praise him for his strengths. Like, for instance, reminding him how hardworking he is or how sincere he is will up his confidence and also make him glad that you believe in his abilities.
  1. There are days you may not meet him as one of you is occupied with other things. On such occasions, be in touch with him. You do not want to disturb him, so send him a text to let him know that he’s on your mind. This will also make him feel secure.
  1. If you are in a relationship, you most certainly know about each other’s likes and dislikes. Is there a film that he loves and wants to watch with you? Then, here’s your chance to propose that you do it one day. It means a lot to him, and he will love you even more for that.
  1. He knows he’s a hunk. But he does need an ego massage once in a while. Coming from his girl will be even better, right? So be it. Compliment him on his attractive features, or tell him what drew you to him. It could be his sexy eyes or even his height. Just let him know once in a while to make him feel nice.
30 Tiny Ways To Make Him Feel Special Every Day Of The Month

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  1. I know you are not an emotional fool. But memories are forever. So, cherishing those memories does matter later, no matter how silly it seems now. If you still haven’t done already, it’s time you maintain a scrapbook with pictures of the two of you shot on different occasions with a short description of something funny or interesting that happened that day.
  1. In the age of dubsmash, what better way to use the technology than to enact his favorite song in a funny way and send the video to him? Guys, a good sense of humor takes you a long way in a relationship.
30 Tiny Ways To Make Him Feel Special Every Day Of The Month

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  1. Every guy has his fantasies and would love to see his girl in a certain way. If he likes to see you in a gown or a saree that shows off your beautiful curves, invite him over for a quiet candlelight dinner at your place and wear his favorite dress. I bet this will be his most memorable day.
  1. Are you disappointed that your guy is not so much into books? Never mind. Compile a list of all your favorite lines from the books you have read and share them with him. This will give him a peek into your psyche.
  1. It need not be cuddly and kissy all the time. Even a gentle head massage will relax him. Do it once, and he will return the favor. You don’t need that salon again!
30 Tiny Ways To Make Him Feel Special Every Day Of The Month

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  1. Yes, a man has to cough up the bill to earn that gentleman tag. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do the honors once. Going Dutch will ease his burden. Once in a while, you can treat him to a nice dinner at his favorite restaurant. Believe me, he will be proud of you.
  1. A fun date anyone? Yes, try treasure hunt. You could hide the clues at his friends’ places, his car or your room. This will certainly be interesting. Doing things together is so therapeutic.
  1. You don’t have to get overly physical in public places if that’s not what he wants. But you do need to make him feel secure. Just holding hands would do.
30 Tiny Ways To Make Him Feel Special Every Day Of The Month

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  1. At times, he might need more than just emoticons to make him feel loved. Why not send him some intimate text messages once in a while without being too over the top?
  1. Create a YouTube channel with his favorite playlist. Nothing like music to soothe him.
  1. Yes, he’s all grown up. But there’s a child inside each one of us, so is it with your guy. Do something childish. Play hide and seek, Scrabble, or any of his favorite games he played as a child. It would be so much fun.
30 Tiny Ways To Make Him Feel Special Every Day Of The Month

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  1. Although most guys don’t like PDA, there are times he wants to flaunt you. So, hold hands or give him a bear hug when out with friends. This will reassure your commitment to him.
  1. Do not forget a parting kiss.
  1. Send sweet voice notes. He can listen to it whenever he misses you and is unable to reach out to you.
  1. Every guy would prefer a game of sport over a movie. So, surprise him with tickets to watch his favorite game at the stadium. Girl, this is it!
30 Tiny Ways To Make Him Feel Special Every Day Of The Month

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  1. Long drive. Yes, take the driver’s seat and take him to an undisclosed location. How romantic!

Have you done any of these or do you have your own list? Share them with us in the comments box below.

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