7 Rules To Make Your Marriage A Bed Of Roses

by Shivani K

Right now, we are all living in a time wherein the clichés and all those age-old sayings are being totally or partly debunked. The same goes in the case of marriages too. A marriage is a holy union of two beautiful souls, isn’t it? As much as one gets excited to step into this new phase of life called marriage, one goes bonkers listening to others’ advice. We’re sure you’ve heard phrases like: “Marriage isn’t a bed of roses”, or “Marriage isn’t like a hot knife that cuts through butter”, or that “Marriage is a hurricane, an earthquake, or come accompanied with hiccups”. If you change upon any couple that tells them that their marriage has been “all-rosy”, well, it would be safe to say that they haven’t lived it all yet!

The truth is marriage can be a bed of roses and can be as comfortable as a cozy couch, but it’s also laden with inconveniences and discomfort. But that again, depends on one’s mastery in marriage skills. No matter how good a human you are, always remember that you alone can never be able to make a marriage work. There has to be some input at least from your spouse as well. Yes, you both are individuals and that’s precisely why both of you need to put in efforts to make it work for the both of you, not just one of you. Now with all this being said, we’ve put a guide below for you all that will help you lead towards a successful marriage. While in your wedlock, practice them religiously. Now, let’s read together.

1. Your Partner Is As Unique As You Are. So, Never Compare!


It is an unwarranted act to do, to compare your partner with someone else. We understand that you must be having certain hopes about your spouse ever since you were a teen and chances are that some of the traits you’ve always wished for aren’t in him. But that’s okay, find other qualities in your partner that can actually make you go weak in your knees. And if you want your significant other to cultivate certain qualities, you help them out, aren’t you the better half for a reason?

2. A Clear Financial Understanding Is Important


In most of the marriages, disputes and fights arise over financial matters alone. It is vital to discuss the financial conditions between yourself and your partner even before your D-day. We’re asking you to do this to be wary of each other’s wealth of sorts. We’re asking you to do this because knowing each other’s financial status will help the both of you to plan your futures together in a more clear way.

3. Never Try To Dominate Your Partner


It’s very simple, dear couples, give respect and take respect! A majority of divorce cases have a common complain that one of them tried to gain an upper hand over the other in the marriage. This attitude needs to go in the dustbin because it’s just not acceptable. Learn to love, respect, and value each other on the same level.

4. “Me Time” Is Important


We’re humans, after all, our mind sometimes gets tired of being around the same set of people always, doesn’t it? The same goes for your partner as well. Being together 24×7 will make both of you feel bored with each other. Therefore, it’s important that you hang out with your friends once in a while and so does your partner. Never get into the “your love is burdening me” phase.

5. Never Suppress Your Expressions


In a successful marriage, there is an entire rainbow of emotions that pass by. Both partners need to be able to express all their emotions without any hesitation. Bottling up feelings inside of you is another word for turning yourself into a dormant volcano.

6. Compatibility And Trust Form The Foundation


These both are what breathe life into marriage. You don’t have to go through any lengthy tick-list to evaluate if that person is the one for you. As long as you’re compatible with your partner and know for a fact that you can blindly trust him/her, trust us, that’s all that matters!

7. Let Family Planning Be A Mutual Decision


From being married to starting a family, they are two different things that involve way different responsibilities too. Starting a family with your partner is like welcoming major changes in your life. Therefore, make it a point to discuss it with your partner first. Both of you need to sit and plan the blueprint of your lives before taking this plunge.

It definitely takes some efforts for a marriage to work and last for a lifetime. Be patient, be loving, be caring towards each other in this process of making it work. That’s exactly how our parents and grandparents worked too for a happy marriage. If there is anything that you think we’ve missed out on, let us know in the comments below.

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