7 Tips To Make Your Skin Glow Without Using Makeup

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We always are under the notion that we tend to look more beautiful and presentable only when we have spent hours getting the foundation and the primer right on our face, and oh, not to forget the highlighter which we use to highlight our facial features. We spend oodles of money on our makeup products that weight just a few grams, right?

So, what happens when the makeup comes off? Do you still feel beautiful and look flawless? Do you exude the same amount of confidence? We can already imagine you swaying your head in a “no.” We solemnly believe that one needs to feel beautiful and confident in their skin both with and without makeup. And to help you feel this way about yourselves, we’ve put together some tips that will boost your skin’s natural glow even when there’s no makeup on. Read and try them out.

1. Moisturizer

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All of us have skin problems, don’t we? And half of these problems are all a result of either over or under moisturization of our face. Moisturizing is like laying a foundation for a flawless looking skin. Therefore, always make sure that your skin stays hydrated the right way. One way to do this is to moisturize, moisturize, and moisturize! Doing this not only keeps your skin hydrated, it also makes it softer and smoother making it glow like never before.

2. Exercise

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The main reason behind all the breakouts on our skin is the toxins that our body overloads itself with. Our body needs to release the toxins out in one way or the other, and exercising is by far the best way to do it according to us. When you start exercising, your body ends up flushing out the harmful toxins of the body in the form of sweat. So, the more you exercise, the fitter your body gets, and the more toxins have been removed from your body.

3. Juice It

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What’s another way of having healthy food other than having to chop them, cook them, and eat them? Juicing them, of course! Smoothies and cold-pressed juices are the healthy trend now. Grab your juicer or your normal blender and throw in all the superfoods that you can sight around you in the kitchen. Garnish with fresh micro greens or nuts and drink it up. Juices are much easier to digest for our body. This signals out that you’ll see faster results and have a healthier looking skin in no time.

4. Eat Healthy

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How our skin looks is an outcome of what it is being fed with, right? Therefore, the healthier you eat, the more flawless your skin starts to become with every passing day. We know it’s so easy to suggest healthy eating, but it’s equally hard to follow it owing to the easy accessibility to unhealthy and loaded with calories wala junk food. You need to stay away from these and allow your body to detoxify itself and one way of doing it is to supply enough nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants, etc. that boost healthy regeneration of skin cells. Therefore, eat your way out (a healthy way) to gorgeous looking skin.

5. Exfoliate

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If you are accumulating dead skin cells on the surface, it’s obvious that they are going to make your face look dull with no life at all. The best way to get rid of the dead skin cells is through exfoliation. Exfoliating at least twice a week is a must and should maintain healthy, glowing skin. Exfoliating helps to get rid of the dead skin cells, it lightens up the acne scars, and also prevents from any future pimple breakouts on our skin. It also removes the excess oil from our skin.

6. Drink Lots Of Water

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Our body is very much like the planet Earth we live in — both are nearly made up of 70 percent water. And trust us, if there’s any effective and affordable way to make your skin beautiful, it would be to drink enough water every day. The more hydrated your body is the more your skin is bound to glow. Heard of supermodel Naomi Campbell? She says, “Don’t waste my time, you just have to listen. By the way I want you to drink lots, lots of water. Hydration…water, water, water…”

7. DIY Natural Face Masks

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You’ll find a zillion recipes of these do-it-yourself face masks that are all natural online. All you need to do is gather some patience, pick one, and try them! Try a few of them and start applying the face masks that worked best on your skin. You’ll find face mask recipes for brightening your skin, for hydrating your skin, for lightening the tan etc.

Trust us, these DIY natural masks are way better than the chemical ones you find at stores.

Use these glow-getting tips to make your skin radiate and turn you into Miss Sunshine. Are there any other ways you to get glowing skin minus the makeup? Leave them in the comments below.

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