How To Match Your Hair Color With Your Skin Tone And Eye Color

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Hair color can give your look an edge even if you choose to wear something simple. You must have seen several celebs and influencers rocking different hair colors with casual outfits. So if dyeing your hair is the secret to looking sassy, why not give it a try! However, before you run to grab your favorite hair colors, you need to know if the color will suit you or not. Just like you need to know what color outfits go with your skin tone and body shape, you need to check your eye color and skin tone before you say yes to a hair color. Here in this article, we have shared all the information you need to know about what color is made for you. Read on!

Find Out What Your Skin Tone Is

  • Check The Color Of Your Veins
Check The Color Of Your Veins
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The veins on the inner surface of your wrist reveal your undertone. Veins that seem purple or blue often have a cool undertone, while those that appear green have a warm one. The combination of the two is typical of neutral undertones. Green veins may also suggest a greenish hue.

  • What Colors Suit You The Most

You have a cool undertone if blue and green flatter your complexion the most. You have a warm undertone if red and orange are your favorite colors. You have a balanced undertone if you can pull off any outfit.

  • Do You Prefer Gold Or Silver Jewellery
Do You Prefer Gold Or Silver Jewellery
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You have a warmer undertone if gold jewelry complements your skin tone. Silver complements cool tones the most. You have a neutral to olive undertone if you look fine in both.

  • Do You Get A Tan Or A Sunburn

You exhibit an olive undertone if you tan quickly. Your skin tone is neutral if you burn and then tan. Those with a cool undertone have it the worst since they never tan but instead burn.

Choose A Color According To Your Undertone

Warm Undertone

  • A golden blonde hair color looks great with lighter complexion.
  • A warm brown color will look excellent on darker skin tones.
  • A copper undertone will bring out the best in neutral complexions.
  • Any of these complexion tones can benefit from wearing a warm red.
  • Never wear ash-toned clothing

Cool Undertone

Cool Undertone
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  • If you have a fair complexion, consider going with an ash-blonde color.
  • Choose cool reds if you have a darker complexion.
  • Pick shades either lighter or darker.
  • Do not use any shades of bright red.

Neutral Undertone

  • Colors in the range from warm gold to deep crimson are acceptable options.
  • Hair colors that highlight eyes are the ideal choice for those with neutral complexion tones.
  • There are a lot of hair dyes out there, but it’s best to stick within a few shades of your hair’s natural hue.

Olive Undertone

Olive Undertone
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  • Use cinnamon and chestnut to convey a chillier mood. Mocha will leave your face looking fresh and flawless.
  • Warmer tones work well with dark green, mocha, & honey-blonde hair. Purple-red and purple-black are warm hues to try.
  • Lightening with a chilly undertone should be avoided.

Pay Attention To Your Eye Color

Light Color Eyes

  • Ice blonde is perfect for people who like to keep their skin tone cool.
  • Colors like light chestnut and honey will look fantastic on your warm complexion, and red is always a good choice.

Dark Color Eyes

  • Pick out rich tones like honey blonde, caramel, and chestnut. The shimmering gold tint will accentuate your eyes.
  • Platinum and silver are two icy blonde tones to stay away from. People with dark eyes don’t necessarily have a decent appearance.

So, now the question is, what’s the most popular shade of hair dye? You’ve probably seen many different hair colors if you’ve traveled or met a sufficient number of individuals, but which ones are the most common in the world? Let’s examine the most widespread hair colors in the globe.

Black Hair Color

Black Hair Color
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The vast majority of people have black hair as their natural hair color. In reality, between 75% and 85% of the global population has hair that is black or dark brown. While black hair can be found just about anywhere, it is essentially the only naturally occurring hair color in places like Africa & Asia. Hair in colors of black, brown, and dark red are also common.

Brown Hair Color

Brown Hair Color
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You would be correct in guessing that brown hair is the second most popular hair color worldwide. About 11% of people have brown hair, with a wide range of tones from maple brown to light dark brown hair. These regions include Europe, the United States, Australia, and Asia.

Blonde Hair Color

Blonde Hair Color
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Only 3% of the world’s population has naturally blonde hair, although it’s the third most prevalent. There are many different tones of blonde hair, including berry blond, ash blond and  platinum blond. People with blonde hair tend to be of Northern European heritage, therefore these tones are more commonly seen in the Americas and Europe.

So, now that you know what are the ways to determine which hair color will look best on you, nothing can stop you from getting that dream hair color. Make sure you consult a hairdresser to know which tone will look good on you in real life. So, what is your favorite color to dye your hair with? Let us know in the comments section!

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