How To Choose The Right Lip Color That Suits Your Look

by Shivani K

How many of you make blunders when it comes to choosing the right lip shade? We’re sure most of you raised your hands. Lips are that one feature of our face that can either make or break the way we look when we are all dressed up. Do you also have your beauty bag filled with lipsticks, some of which you haven’t ever opened or even touched? Well, that’s because you might have fallen in love with one single shade of lipstick and never even thought about experimenting with the rest of the shades.

Not sure about you all, but when I saw Deepika Padukone wear that nude lipstick, I almost instantly headed to the nearby makeup store and bought it for myself. Only to find out later that it doesn’t really suit me. Sometimes, when we mimic the makeup look of other people, it makes us look like a buffoon. See, there is a whole theory behind the idea of makeup. We need to match our makeup with what we wear, as in match our lip shade with what we wear. A matching lip shade will only accentuate our overall attire.

We did our own quirky experiments with different lip shades and looks and have put together the following guidebook for you.

1. Red Lipstick


Red is one color that attracts many eyeballs. It’s a color that perfectly suits an Indian skin tone as it is a few shades darker than any Indian lip color. The beauty of this shade is that it can go with any outfit, casual or traditional (lehenga, jumpsuits or salwar). It never runs out of trend and can be worn in any season. It’s bound to make heads turn wherever you go while wearing whatever you love.

2. Pink Lipstick


We’ve come across many who wear pink shades of lipstick and it totally ruins their overall look. Unlike red, pink is one color that doesn’t really suit every skin tone. And to add on to the mess, pink comes in different shades. But, the different shades available in pink color can be a boon as one can choose the shade depending on their skin tone.

A pink lipstick can’t be worn with every outfit. Pink, beige, cream, white, and peach are a few colors with which a pink lip shade would go perfectly. What’s common in this? Yes, light-colored clothes must be worn if you want to apply that favorite pink lip shade of yours.

3. Nude Lipstick

Nude Lipstick


Hell yeah! Gigi Hadid, Kim Kardashian, and feathers of the same flock are rocking their looks with nude shades of lipsticks and so can we. If you like to keep your lips as natural as they can look, go for a nude shade that matches your lip color. It will look like you haven’t worn any lipstick at all. And aren’t nude lips a trend these days?

4. Dark Lipstick


Okay, most of the women out there are suckers for dark shades of lipsticks — it makes them feel powerful and badass. But, peeps, it can be worn only with matching outfits. Darker shades of lipsticks (red, maroon, chocolate, violet, etc.) are generally used to enhance the lips while keeping the focus on your lips while keeping the eye makeup minimal. If you’re wearing sober colored clothes, a dark lipstick might seal the deal for you.

5. Brown Lipstick


Brown is the answer if you’re an everyday makeup kind of a person. And it’s the best color for Indian skin tone as well. This color can rock all styles. Be it casual, ethnic, gowns or tops, it can match all your outfits. It somehow makes you look extremely classy and elegant.

6. Matte Lipstick


It’s been a few years now since we got introduced to the matte lipsticks. They give you a raw, bold look. They rule the fashion runways. Opt for matte lipsticks when you want all the attention to be directed towards just your lips. And whenever you wear these, make sure your makeup is minimal.

7. Glossy Lipstick

If you are someone who loves shine, then opt for glossy lipsticks. They make your lips look fuller and add the glam quotient to your lips. These go really well with all kinds of party wear, you know the Shaadi wear — shimmery sarees, gowns, and lehengas.

Just wearing any lipstick is not going to make you a glam doll. Wearing the right shade with the right outfit matters. You’ve got a vast palette of colors to choose from these days. Glossy, matte, or metallic, choose your poison. We hope that now you know how important it is to wear the right shade of lipstick. What’s your favorite go-to lipstick color? Let us know in the comments below.

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