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You might be a real hottie, but looking good for a pic is a tricky task. Posing for a picture-perfect snap is all about knowing basic things about yourself, such as your signature smile, clothes that suit you best, or the pose that you’re most comfortable in.

Here are nine tips that will help you look good in pictures.

1. Work On Your Expressions.

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Before posing for pictures, it is very important to know the correct angles and work accordingly on your expressions. For instance, if you have very thin lips, you must part them slightly so that it gives an illusion of fuller lips. Another example is, if you have a round face, then instead of facing straight towards the camera, tilt your head sidewards slightly. This will give a more balanced picture.

2. Know Your Signature Smile.

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Once you figure out what works best for you, you will never have to struggle for a picture-perfect smile on your face. Grab your phone and take some random clicks. You’ll soon get to know your signature smile. Remember, practice makes a woman perfect!

3. Look For A Place With Proper Lighting.

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Proper lighting is the key for best shots. Avoid shady places as it can accentuate the blemishes and dark patches on your face.

4. Pick The Right Clothes.

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The correct clothing can enhance your features and can even make you look a few pounds lighter, especially if the clothes are of a darker color. Avoid wearing clothes with poofy sleeves as it can make your arms look fatter. Similarly, clothes with horizontal stripes can make you look wider.

5. Keep Your Hands On Your Hips.

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Doing this will help accentuate your waist and give others a perception of a slimmer you.

6. Do Not Wear Too Much Makeup.

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As this can make your face look cakey, shining or washed out in the pictures. Go for neat and subtle makeup.

7. Try Faking A Tummy Tuck.

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People who believe that the camera adds 10 pounds to your body probably didn’t try this trick. Turn one shoulder towards the camera and the other away from it by twisting your torso. This will make you look slimmer.

8. Stick Your Neck Out.

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And push your face forward slightly. This will make your face look thinner and longer and hide the double chin, if you have one.

9. Keep It Simple.

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Don’t try to pose forcefully. If you’re not comfortable in any pose, then, rather than struggling, keep it simple. Just stand up straight and arch your back slightly. If you’re relaxed, your picture will automatically come out well.

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