How To Prevent Skin And Hair Damage During Summers

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Summertime is pure bliss. Now is the time you can finally let go of your woolen blanket and feel the warmth of sunlight on your skin. However, not being careful about being under the direct sun can lead to severe sunburns, damaged hair, and many more health problems you would like to keep your distance from. So how do you get the best of the warm summers without letting it get under your skin? Well, we are here to help you with just that! Read on to know them all!

How To Prevent Skin Damage

1. Cover Your Skin Up

Cover Your Skin Up
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Before venturing outside or going to the beach, if you don’t have time to apply sunscreen, try to cover up as much skin as possible. You may opt for longer skirts and pants rather than shorts. Wearing a hat is an excellent idea to protect your head and neck from the sun.

2. Massage Your Skin With Oil

Massage Your Skin With Oil
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Preparing for a swim by massaging your skin with coconut oil is a good idea. The oil will act as a protective coating against the chlorine, keeping it from making direct contact with the skin.

3. Prepare Your Skin Before Getting In A Chlorinated Pool

Prepare Your Skin Before Getting In A Chlorinated Pool
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Many swimming pools utilize chlorine because of its ability to prevent the spread of disease-causing microorganisms. The protective layer on your scalp and skin can be stripped away by chlorine, despite its many other advantages. If you want to avoid skin injury when swimming, you should shower before and after swimming.

4. Use A Sunscreen

Use A Sunscreen
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Spending an excessive amount of time outside in the sun can lead to skin damage and premature aging. Sunscreen is an essential summertime item for avoiding this. When applied to the skin, its components can block the UV radiation. One cannot generalize about the efficacy of sunscreens. The most effective ones include broad-spectrum formulations that block both UVB and UVA radiation. Between 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., avoid direct sunlight. Apply new sunscreen every two hours, or more frequently if you’re sweating a lot while doing strenuous outdoor activities. Choose a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher to shield yourself from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays, both rays A and B.

5. Put On Your Shades

Put On Your Shades
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Wearing sunglasses is an all-year-round is a must for protecting your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays. You may protect your skin from sun damage by spending a little more on a pair of sunglasses that offer UV protection. Sunglasses with wide, wraparound frames do the greatest job of shielding the delicate area around the eyes.

6. Stay Indoors From 10 AM To 4 PM

Stay Indoors From 10 AM To 4 PM
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In other words, that’s when the sun’s rays are at their most intense. Avoid sitting under the sun between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., even if you have to go out to walk a pet dog or run errands.

How To Preventing Hair Damage

1. Use SPF Protection

Use SPF Protection
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Before going outside, protect your hair from the sun by applying a product with a sun protection factor (SPF) or ultraviolet light (UV) protection. If you use it, your hair color will last longer and stay more vibrant.

2. Use A Conditioner

Use A Conditioner
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As it depletes the hair of its natural oils, saltwater, sunlight or chlorine is not a good choice for those with dyed hair. The hair may get knotted and scratchy, and split ends may develop as a result. Leave-in conditioners can help protect your hair from potential harm. In the summertime, when you plan on spending a lot of time outdoors in the sun, a leave-in conditioner with built-in sun protection may be the best option. You can also make a homemade hair mask using honey & buttermilk to get velvety smooth hair. Honey’s moisture-restoring properties will help your hair stay healthy.

3. Wear A Hat

Wear A Hat
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While it may seem apparent, this is really one of the finest all-natural strategies to prevent sun damage to your hair. If you must be outside when the sun is at its fiercest, simply cover it up. When it comes to your hair and skin, a fashionable wide-brimmed hat is a way to go.

4. Protect Your Hair Color

Protect Your Hair Color
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You need to care for your hair more than usual when you dye it. Because of the sun and the chemicals in hair dye, you may find that your hair no longer looks the way it should. Colors can shift or fade. At other times, they may lighten or darken. If your hairstyle is already dry after dyeing, the sun may do much more harm.

As bright and beautiful as the sunlight is, you need to work out ways to get the best of it without getting unwanted tan lines or charred hair. These above-mentioned tricks will help you get the best of both worlds and get the perfect sun-kissed look without worrying about your skin or hair. So what is your secret to keeping your skin and hair safe without worrying about sun damage? Let us know in the comments section!

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