11 Ways To Protect Your Easily Depleted Energy

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Have you ever talked to a person, been in a place, or got in a situation where you felt a sudden drop in your energy? Most of us begin our day with revived energy, but even when the energy levels are high, we meet situations that drag our energy down by the end of the day. It’s not a particular person or place that makes you sad, even overthinking and reviewing past experiences can soak away your positivity. Several triggers ruin your mood and bring your happiness quotient down. But the good news is, there are ways by which you can shield your energy from the dementors! Read on to know them all.

1. Don’t Agree To Everything

Don’t Agree To Everything
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If you are always hanging out with people who complain all the time, insult others, or are always negative in general, you will get bogged down as well. Don’t agree with them just because you want to maintain the friendship or be supportive. Maintain who you are, what your values are, and the thoughts you want to put out into the universe. Staying true to yourself and creating boundaries with negative people.

2. Create A Mental Picture

Create A Mental Picture
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Creating a positive vision can be a powerful tool for reminding yourself of your boundaries. You could create a visual in which you are surrounded by a bright light, a soft pink bubble, or a blanket – anything that forms a protective barrier between you and the negative energies around you. Use this visual whenever you are with someone whose energy feels suffocating or something that you just can’t handle. Picture their negativity and judgments simply bouncing off it.

3. Try using A Mantra

Try using A Mantra
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When you feel overwhelmed by someone’s energy, it really helps to repeat a mantra in your mind. Use this mantra to overcome stressful situations, whether big or small. It will stop you from feeling particularly vulnerable and allow you to focus on only your energy. It’s a super simple but super effective method.

4. Your Home Is Your Sanctuary

Your Home Is Your Sanctuary
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Your home should be your cocoon – it should protect your sensitive energy from the chaotic energy of the world outside. Get some houseplants, play high-frequency music, dim the lights and keep the area decluttered and clean. You should feel restored and healed when you get home every evening.

5. Trust Yourself

Trust Yourself
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When you don’t believe in yourself, your energy is likely to be affected by others. If they are happy, you will be happy because you will depend on them to validate your emotions. If they want to pick a fight and go for a shouting match, you will react similarly because your insecurities will make you super reactive and defensive. If they want to talk negatively about someone or gossip, you will go along with it because you are craving a deeper bond.

6. Learn To Trust Others

Learn To Trust Others
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If you are always trying to heal or fix others, you will take on their negativity and suffering on yourself. While it is noble that you want to unburden them and make things better, it doesn’t always work, at least not long-term. Taking on others’ distress on yourself won’t fix anything for them. And if you continue to do this, your own strength and energy will suffer.

7. Control Your Reaction

Control Your Reaction
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When you react too quickly to the energies of other people, whether they are positive or negative, you will be less in control of your own energy. Control your reactions, and learn to pause before you react. Practice letting your best self react, not your ego or anger. You will be less likely to allow others’ negativity to drag you down by responding mindfully.

8. Put Yourself First

Put Yourself First
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If you get impacted quickly by the negativity of others, you need to set firmer limits for yourself. Don’t agree to something if you feel it is more than you can currently handle. Just because a friend is persistently asking a favor of you, it doesn’t mean that you have to agree to it. Say that you are busy – and that’s not a lie because you are busy healing yourself. You don’t need to give any explanations either.

9. Accept Your Own Negativity

Accept Your Own Negativity
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This can be hard to admit, but the negativity we so detest in others also exists in us. We will only control our energy if we accept this fact. If you are constantly boasting about how you won’t hang around people who bring your energy down, you create more negativity. You are basically saying that you are better, more worthy than that person. This, though, comes from a place of arrogance and ego.

10. Rely On Nature

Rely On Nature
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We sometimes lose ourselves and let someone’s negativity get the best of us. We get bogged down, get swept along into their thought current. If you want to find yourself again, become one with nature. Take a hike in the woods or camp in the jungles if you can.

11. Cleanse Yourself

Cleanse Yourself
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Stop whatever you are doing and take several deep and slow cleansing breaths if you ever get overwhelmed. Allow your breathing to remind you of the power you have over your domain, your being, and your entire self.

These are the steps you can take to protect your energy. You need to remind yourself that you don’t need to be anyone’s emotional puppet. Leave yourself open to the energies of other people, but only if you want to. So, do you have any secrets to keeping yourself feeling happy and positive constantly? Let us know in the comments below!

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