10 Tricks To Sleep Comfortably In Summers

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The summer sun is perfect for picnics, suntanning, and anything else you can think of. However, when it comes to cozy nights, summer nights may not be the first thing you look forward to. The warm nights can be difficult, since your body’s thermoregulation might be disrupted by the high ambient temperatures. Here in this article are some pointers on how to keep your body temperature down on hot summer evenings. Read on to know them all!

1. Keep Your Room Dark

Keep Your Room Dark
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If it’s really hot outdoors, keeping the shades or drapes pulled during the day, and opening them at night might help keep the room cool. Using blackout curtains, which are made to completely block out daylight, might be a huge help in this regard.

2. Set Your Beddings Aside

Set Your Beddings Aside
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If you leave your blankets, quilts, or any other covering on your bed all day, your body may sweat more as it attempts to cool off at night, disrupting your sleep. The bedding should be kept in a closet or cabinet until it cools off again.

3. Don’t Work Out Before Going To Bed

Don’t Work Out Before Going To Bed
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Getting some exercise during the day usually improves the quality of your sleep and makes it easier to drift off. But, if you exercise too much at night, your optimal body temperature will rise and you won’t be able to sleep like you normally would.

4. Wear Cotton Pajamas

Wear Cotton Pajamas
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Loose cotton nightwear may keep you cool and comfortable on hot summer evenings, while more restrictive layers will only serve to increase your core temperature while making you feel stuffier. In addition, they will soak up whatever moisture your skin produces.

5. Maintain A Good Sleeping Posture

Maintain A Good Sleeping Posture
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Depending on how you sleep, your body may be able to release or store heat. While a curled-up position while sleeping may keep you toasty, sleeping with the arms and legs spread wide might help keep you cool by increasing airflow and decreasing perspiration.

6. Avoid Cuddling With Pets In Bed

Avoid Cuddling With Pets In Bed
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While snuggling up on chilly evenings might be quite pleasant, it just isn’t the same when it’s scorching outside. Because of the heat generated by the exchange of body heat, sleeping too close to your pets might make it difficult to cool down to a comfortable sleeping temperature.

7. Open The Window At Night

Open The Window At Night
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Let the cool air in between 7 and 8 a.m., when the temperature is at its lowest. You should do this again later and leave some windows open while you sleep. Your sleeping chambers will stay chilly for some hours. This will aid with sleep as well.

8. Get A Ceiling Fan

Get A Ceiling Fan
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A ceiling fan is a practical way to reduce the buildup of heat within a space. Turn it up to full blast with the windows open. This will significantly boost airflow, which in turn allows for faster cooling of the home. To begin with, using a fan might be more cost-effective than running an air conditioner. You can keep the air moving and the warmth out of your sleeping space by turning one on at night and letting it run. Make sure a window is open. If it gets too hot, set a bowl of ice in front of a fan to create a cool mist as the air moves through the water vapor released by the cubes.

9. Get Some Indoor Plants

Get Some Indoor Plants
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Indoor plants naturally regulate the temperature and oxygenate the air, making them a great natural option for hot environments. Houseplants like ferns, rubber plant, aloe vera, and succulents may help keep your house cool and comfortable by absorbing excess heat and humidity throughout the summer months.

10. Cool Your Mattress Before Sleeping

Cool Your Mattress Before Sleeping
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When it comes to relaxation, nothing beats the comfort of your own bedroom. If you’re having trouble sleeping because of the summer heat, consider placing ice cubes in a zipped bag and placing them on your mattress. Spread it out on the mattress and pillow for a while before turning it in. Cotton sheets and other breathable fabrics are great for keeping your mattress dry.

Summers are perfect for picnics and a day out in the sun, however overheating can make your nights sweaty. Make sure you take a shower and keep your bed cool before sleeping. You can also try yoga and breathing exercises that will help you calm down mentally and sleep better. So what is your favorite trick to having a good night’s sleep in the summer? Let us know in the comments section!

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