8 Natural Skin Care Tricks

8 Natural Skin Care Tricks Hyderabd040-395603080 April 4, 2019

Most of us love to keep our skin care routines simple. We think that using the over-the-counter products will somehow translate into making our skin healthy and beautiful. But how can that be possible, right? Our skin gets its natural glow only when it is treated naturally. But the truth is that we avoid natural skin care routines only because they seem complicated. Obviously, nobody wants to search for ingredients that seem alien to them? Plus, our busy lifestyles leaves us with very little time for all this, right?

But we can take cues from Mother Nature into our everyday skincare routine. It’s actually very simple and its effects are wondrous! If you’re wondering how to go about it, well, here are a few ways by which you can look after your skin naturally and achieve a dewy, clear, and glowy skin that feels like a dream:

1. Jojoba Oil

Jojoba Oil Pinit


This oil is the most underrated natural ingredient for beautifying our skin. It has a lot of benefits for us — it’s non-comedogenic (it doesn’t block our pores whatsoever), it helps to remove the most stubborn makeup, and its anti-inflammatory properties are all we need to bid adieu to red, inflamed skin during summer. Its structure is very similar to that of the sebum secreted by our skin and that’s why it serves as a great moisturiser (1). So, go grab a bottle of Jojoba oil right away!

2. Raw Honey

Raw Honey Pinit


If you’re in search of a perfect product for cleansing your skin, then we suggest you don’t look beyond raw honey. The anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties of raw honey help to cleanse our skin without damaging its natural structure (2). Make it a daily skin care ritual to take some raw honey in your palms and massage it gently onto your face, every day, after you’ve removed your makeup. Let it sit on your face for a few minutes and rinse with water. Voila! That’s all you need for soft, glowing skin.

3. Rose Water

 Rose Water Pinit


We scoured the Internet trying to find the best facial mists, especially the ones that can be used during summers. We’ll share our secret with you — rose water is the best natural facial mist ever! It helps to hydrate and rejuvenate our skin. Upon spraying it on your face, even your makeup will look like it’s been freshly applied. And if you want that extra cooling effect, keep it in the fridge.

4. Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil Pinit


We definitely don’t recommend you to use this on your face because coconut oil is highly comedogenic in nature. But other parts of your body benefit in abundance from it. Using it as an aftershave treatment will leave your hands and legs smooth and shiny. So, the next time you shave your legs, apply some coconut oil after you’ve removed all the unwanted hair from them. Also, shaving creams are expensive and a tub of this oil is way cheaper!

5. Green Tea

Green Tea Pinit


If you’re on the lookout for a skin care trick which is like an all-round champion, then green tea is the answer for that. Rich in a polyphenol called catechkins, green tea is known to protect our skin from sun damage, reduces inflammation problems, and protects our skin from aging at a fast pace (3). Don’t just drink it, you can soak green tea in hot water for a couple of minutes. After which you can remove the tea bag, let the water cool down or just keep it in the fridge. Wash your face with it and give your skin the healthy pampering that it requires.

6. Papaya

 Papaya Pinit


It isn’t just great for breakfast or weight loss; it can also make for a beneficial mask for our skin. It helps to even out the skin tone, and over time, it can also reduce the appearance of pores and erase sunspots (4).

Want to know our favorite way of using it? Mash up a quarter of a papaya, add some honey to it, and let it sit in the fridge. Remove and apply a thick layer of the mixture on your face and neck. Let it sit for a good twenty minutes and rinse.

7. Mangosteen

Mangosteen Pinit


Have you heard of this exotic fruit which is mostly available in Asian countries? This amazing fruit is considered to be rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, both of these are essential to for maintaining the firmness of our skin and also help in brightening its complexion. Just remove the pulp, mash it, and apply it on your face and reap the benefits. The mangosteen oil is also a brilliant moisturizer which is extremely light and perfect for our skin’s health (5).

8. Water

Water Pinit


Yep! This is the best skin care trick ever for beautiful skin. Drinking plenty or at least enough water every day will keep your skin in the pink of its health. Dehydration is the number one enemy of beautiful, glowing skin. Staying hydrated will keep your skin glowing, plumped up, and beautiful, all day long.

There’s a reason why our ancestors relied on everything natural for their skin health. We need to start discovering what nature has in store for us and use them to help our skin be its natural, best self. Are there any other tricks that you know of? Let us know in the comments below.