7 Women Tell Us Exactly How To Wear A Bold Lip

by Chaitra Krishnan

People say that eyes are the most attractive feature of the face. But they often forget that if we give the right attention, our lips can be as attractive as our eyes. Your lips accentuate your smile – another great feature of your face. And going by the rules of makeup, a bold lip is enough to rock your day even if your eye makeup is subtle or non-existent. But how do you get that amazing bold lip? The lipstick might look like a stick of color but when you’re using it, it shouldn’t be like a five-year-old trying to fill in their coloring book with a crayon.

So, if you don’t know much about how to nail the bold lip look, you’re at the right place. In this article, we bring you the testimonies of seven women who have mastered the art of wearing the look. Please note: These women aren’t beauty experts or makeup artists. They’re just like you and us, and they’ll explain in simple terms how to go about their tricks to get them – perfectly done lips. So, let’s dive right in? Shall we?

1. Lipcare Before Makeup


“I always keep my lips moisturized and carry my lip balm wherever I go. Also, once in every three days, I use a DIY lip scrub that I make from sugar crystals, coconut oil, lemon juice, and honey. This scrub makes my lips look lighter and plumper without using any artificial products that could be harmful” — Saniya Mishra

2. Powder Primer


“Traditional primers alter the color of your lipstick which is why I stick to my translucent primer. It forms the base for my lipstick and helps it stay on for long. Also, it brings out the vibrancy of the color just the way it’s intended to do. I’m never going to let go of this primer. Ever!” — Juhi Sharma

3. Blotting Is Important


“I have seen my friends apply lipstick as if they’re rubbing a stick of chapstick on their lips. I apply my lipstick on top of a good primer, blot my lips on a tissue paper and apply the second coat of lipstick. This way, the second layer sticks like glue and stays on for a longer time without constant touch-ups.” — Ananya Ranganathan

4. Touch Up With Concealer


“Concealers are hidden wonders when it comes to makeup. I use a thin lip brush that is dedicated to my concealer in order to draw thin lines around my lips after lunch. This makes my lips and makeup look sharper. And haha, thanks to the concealer, I don’t look like a sad joker after a burger meal.” — Kunjal Mehta

5. Eat Carefully


“My friends think that I eat like a weirdo because I don’t want to ruin my lipstick. I stick out my lips like a horse and carefully eat my lunch. However, I prefer eating food with a spoon and fork when I have my best lips on duty. And if I absolutely have to eat something that needs big bites, I wipe out my lipstick before the food and refill them again because I don’t want to eat my lipstick. And yes, I order most of my pizzas and King burgers when I’m at home so that I can just eat like a hungry goat without worrying about my lipstick or the people who would have watched me in horror if I was eating in public. Yikes!” — Nisha Agarwal

6. Orange Isn’t That Tasty


“Orange lipsticks do look good on a few people. But I feel that these people are actually very “few” and I’m certainly not one among them. The thing that I hate the most about orange lip shades is that they make my teeth look dull and yellowish even if they aren’t! So, I like to stick to shades of red, pink, brown, and of course, nudes.” — Saumya Batra

7. Color Sense Is Basic


“Of course it’s important how good your lipstick is and how long it stays on for. But to me, the color has always been the primary feature of the lipstick that I’m going to wear. If the shade of the lipstick doesn’t suit my skin tone or lip shape, it can ruin my whole makeup. Also, it’s very important to wear lip shades according to your outfit and its color as well. It’s not as complicated as it sounds if you have a knack for it.” — Samridhi Bhatiya

From the pretty ladies above we’ve got a lot of lipstick insights that we’re definitely going to put to practice. While there are many practices and secret tricks that are taught and taught again my professionals and makeup artists, we believe that everyone has a little box of their own tricks and tips. After all, experience is the biggest teacher, right?

So, what are your tips to wear a bold lip? Share them with us in the comments section below.

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