How To Wear Makeup With Glasses

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We have an article for almost every everyday problem we go through, so the glasses and makeup problems that most women face, could not go unnoticed by us. Glasses are more than just a medical device for people with optical problems. They have become a fashion statement, as well as a requirement. From anti-glare glasses to shades, we all have spectacles we are comfortable with. Now if you have been ditching your glasses while wearing makeup and bumping into things, we have a perfect solution for you. Read on to know all the tricks to help you flaunt perfect makeup with glasses on!

1. Match Your Makeup With Your Eye Wear

Match Your Makeup With Your Eye Wear
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You may get frames that make your eyes look smaller or larger. So, if you want to look your best, you need to know how to properly apply eye makeup. To amp up your appearance, apply iridescent white mascara on your top lids, smudging it outward from the inner corner. Then, gradually include a deeper hue near the perimeter. Stay away from the lower waterline, and just wear a black eyeliner.

2. Separate Your Eyelashes Before Curling Them

Separate Your Eyelashes Before Curling Them
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Long, thick lashes may appear attractive, but they may be a nuisance for those who wear glasses since they constantly brush against them whenever they blink. Furthermore, this may be irritating to the eyes. So, curl your lashes then apply a defined mascara to divide them rather than extend them for the finest results. This is especially helpful for nearsighted people since it prevents their eyelashes from touching against the lens & gives the appearance of wider-set eyes.

3. Treat Your Under Eye Circles

Treat Your Under Eye Circles
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Some glasses have a tendency to amplify under-eye circles, so wearing dark shades may make them appear even more pronounced. Use a pale, neutral shade of eyeshadow on your top lid to avoid this. Use a shimmering highlighter on your brow bone & inner eye corners to complete your makeup application.

4. Shape Your Brows

Shape Your Brows
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It’s important to have your eyebrows visible over your glasses for a balanced and symmetrical appearance. In case your present glasses aren’t doing the trick, try these steps. Lift and spread your brow hairs using a brush. Use brow powder or a pencil to fill in any gaps. To finish, secure your brows with a waterproof gel.

5. Apply Foundation Properly

Apply Foundation Properly
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If you put on a lot of foundation, your glasses may slide down your nose or get smudged on the frames all the time. Choose a long-wearing foundation that is either matte or waterproof to avoid this. A matte powder that sets can be used as a second alternative after applying a tiny coating of the item around the eyes and nose. Cleaning your glasses regularly can also improve your staying power.

6. Show The Blush

Show The Blush
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If your glasses rest on the highest points of your cheeks, you may find that your blush gradually fades away whenever you apply it. If you wear glasses, you can use the frame’s bottom edge as a guide for applying blush. Blush should be applied on the high points of the cheeks, just below the spectacles. Harmonize in the hollow of your ears as well as all the way into your jaws.

7. Match Your Glasses With Your Lipstick

Match Your Glasses With Your Lipstick
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Lipstick application should be tailored to the shape of your frames because glasses tend to bring attention to the eyes. Choose a matte tint, a shade of candy pink, or a traditional red lipstick to compliment your frames. Whether or whether your lipstick should match the design of your spectacles is a matter of personal preference.

8. Maintain Clean Glasses

Maintain Clean Glasses
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Wearing glasses can aggravate acne because of the constant pressure they exert on the face. It inhibits your skin from shedding dead cells, which can lead to a buildup of debris in your pores and the development of acne. Breakouts from eyewear are more common in those with oily skin or who use heavy amounts of makeup. Cleaning your glasses regularly helps reduce the likelihood of outbreaks. You may disinfect the parts that come into contact with your skin by wiping them down with an alcohol wipe.

It’s easy to become accustomed to wearing glasses and take them for granted. Even though they improve your eyesight, you should take pauses from wearing them to avoid eye strain. It reduces stress on the face, which is a common cause of acne. Makeup should be completely removed before bedtime. Acne can be exacerbated by the accumulation of cosmetics under one’s spectacles. Using a makeup remover before cleaning can help you get rid of all traces of makeup and other skincare products. So, what is your trick to wearing glasses with makeup? Let us know in the comments section.

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