How You Put Your Bra On And What It Says About You

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Our body language is something that we often overlook when it comes to communication. The way we walk, sit, eat, sleep, and even smile are all telling something or the other about our personalities. Not all of us are experts in understanding body language, but if you look into it, you’ll find that it’s pretty interesting. Something as simple as the way we wear our bra can hint key features of our personality! We do give a lot of thought when we buy a bra because of its size, color, and design. But, while wearing them we’re either thinking how late we are or there’s a random tune playing in our mind on a loop. Consciously or unconsciously, we wear our bras the same way every day and according to this behavior, women can be divided into four groups. Eager to know which group you belong to? Keep reading.

The Supporter (You Clasp Your Bra At The Back)

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If you use back-clasp bras and you clasp them at the back, you’re a traditional thinker. This is probably the way your mother taught you how to wear a bra and since then it has become a habit for you. You do it the same way even if it’s hard to reach the clasp at the back sometimes. Your personality is also pretty much similar to this habit of yours. You follow what you’ve been taught and you’re not much of a rule-breaker. You like simple things, and the happiness of your loved ones is on top of your priority list. If you’re a supporter, you’re quite sociable and you would enjoy a bra shopping day with your girls. Also, you love the feminine side of yours and you don’t mind spending on your lingerie.

The Influencer (You Clasp Your Bra At The Front And Rotate It Towards The Back)

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Wearing the clasp while looking down at it gives you a feeling of perfection, by ensuring that you have clasped it the right way. This means you belong to the influencer group and are a strong, independent woman, who doesn’t mind changing the rules for your own comfort. You are good at convincing people to get things done the way you want them to be and you’re good at managing work. And of course, people will listen to you because you have interesting and creative ideas in which the work can be done better but easy. Also, you’re a perfectionist and you take roads that are less traveled to attain your goals. However, one of the downsides of having this personality is that you take disappointments and failures too seriously and often get heart-broken, instead of taking them as valuable lessons.

The Driver (You Use Front-clasp Bras)

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You are a driver, you have no time to spend searching for the clasp and getting it right at the back. Also, you don’t want to waste your time and energy in rotating the bra to the 180-degrees position to set things perfect. This is why you often go with front-clasp bras rather than the traditional back-clasp bras. You just want things to be done quickly and wearing bras are no exception. You’re someone who is always on the go and you value your time more than anything else. You know how to cut the crap and get into the business, and avoid drama, by being realistic. You may come across as rude to many people, but you’re just not in the mood for pleasing. You’re a straight-forward person and the core value of your personality is your honesty.

The Careful Corrector (You Clasp Your Bra And Then Wear It Down Your Head)

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Just like the influencer, you make sure that you’re wearing the bra right. However, you are a bit ahead of the influencer and are very particular about getting things done in a certain way. And you love to spend time trekking, working out, and sweating the fat out at the tennis court. You are a sporty person and you have a very vibrant personality. You prefer sports bras over regular bras because you value comfort more than style. Also, you don’t seek attention much because you know how to have fun in your own company. Also, instead of shopping for lingerie with your friends, you’d rather go alone and prefer a private fitting room. It’s not that your shy, but you really like certain spaces of your life to remain solely yours.

No matter how you wear your bra, make sure that you did it right. Also, remember to shop for a bra that fits you perfectly and that gives you support, comfort, and style at the same time. Which type of bra person are you? Do you think the way you wear your bra is unique? Share your style secrets with us in the comments section below.

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