Telangana Police Kills All Four Accused In Hyderabad Rape Case In Encounter: Nation Reacts And Rejoices!

by Shivani K

India woke up to a horrifying incident on November 28th, 2019. The entire nation drowned in anger seeking justice for Disha (the name given by the Telangana Police to Priyanka Reddy) a 26-year-old veterinarian who was kidnapped from a toll plaza on Hyderabad-Bengaluru National Highway, raped, and set ablaze. Her charred body was found on the outskirts of Hyderabad city at an underpass near Chattanpalli in Shadnagar. It was the father of the victim who identified the body.

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This incident shook the conscience of the entire nation. From commoners to celebrities, everybody expressed their angst and insisted that Disha needs to be served instant justice. This issue was also discussed in the Parliament. Protestors in thousands of numbers even mobbed the Shadnagar police station. They demanded the policemen to hand over the four accused identified as Jollu Naveen (20), Mohammed (26), Chintakunta Chennakeshavulu (20), and Jollu Shiva (20) who were taken into custody on November 29. The protestors wanted to kill all of them.

But this time the justice was served, and in a different way. This morning, India woke up feeling a little better and a little relieved to the news of the encounter of the four accused that the Cyberabad police carried out. Read on to know more.

The Encounter


All the four accused in Disha’s case were encountered and shot dead at the very same spot, the underpass where Disha was set ablaze. Several news sources have reported that the encounter took place between 3:30 a.m. and 5:00 a.m. The cops had taken the accused to the crime spot to reconstruct the horrifying crime incident. This is when the accused tried to escape by snatching the weapons from the police. The accused reportedly even pelted stones and took to violence to escape taking advantage of the darkness. This forced the police to open fire at the four rapists.

V C Sajjanar, the Cyberabad Police Commissioner was quoted saying to a leading news agency, “4 accused in Hyderabad rape-murder case killed in crossfire in wee hours today” (1). The police is yet to disclose the official details of the encounter.

The Victim’s Family Reacts


The victim’s family was satisfied when they became aware of the encounter news. Disha’s father even said that this news will help my daughter rest in peace. He also thanked the Telangana government and everybody else who stood by his family during this difficult time and supported them. The father was quoted saying to a news agency that, “I am not going to get back my daughter but this will definitely send a strong message. This will instill fear and criminals will not dare to do what my daughter had to go through” (2).

Even the victim’s sister has reacted to the news of the encounter saying that her family welcomed it. She said that her family was happy, although, they didn’t expect that the rapists will be encountered. She thought that the culprits would be hanged through the decision of the court. She told reporters that with this encounter incident, people should be scared of committing such horrendous crimes in future.

Tollywood And Bollywood Reacts

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With this latest development regarding Disha’s case, both Tollywood and Bollywood celebrities took to their social media accounts and expressed their gratitude towards the police for serving justice for Disha. Some of the most-loved Tollywood artists like Nagarjuna, Junior NTR, Samantha, Allu Arjun to Anasuya Bharadwaj, Manchu Manoj responded by mentioning the term “Justice Served.’

This is what Allu Arjun tweeted:

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Tollywood’s favorite heartthrob Nagarjuna Akkineni tweeted:

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Meanwhile, this is what Bollywood stars had to say.

Anupam Kher congratulated the Telangana police by tweeting:

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Rakul Sing who has worked in both the industries tweeted this:

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Mixed Reactions

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With a majority of the nation celebrating this ordeal, there have been a series of mixed reactions as well. Bollywood actor Ranvir Shorey tweeted saying that perversion of the justice system isn’t the solution for dealing with the perverts of the society. And that we need to work on fixing the justice system.

Even Lok Sabha member and Congress leader Sashi Tharoor voiced over this encounter incident by saying that such extra-judicial killings are not okay and should not be accepted. He tweeted, “Agree in principle. We need to know more, for instance if the criminals were armed, the police may have been justified in opening fire preemptively. Until details emerge we should not rush to condemn. But extra-judicial killings are otherwise unacceptable in a society of laws.”

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To the mixed responses which are also rising questioning the need for the encounter that took place, Nirbhaya’s mother spoke applauding the encounter by saying that she was happy that justice was served at least to Disha. She said that the police has done a great job and she demanded that no action should be taken against the police personnel.

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What are your thoughts about the way in which justice was served to our dear Disha? Let us know in the comments below.

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