7 Hysterical Ways Couples Communicate That Only Committed Folks Will Understand

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Whoever said life does not change after you get committed did not have a long-term relationship to drive the singleness away! If you are single and hanging out with couples, you should know, it can lead to a series of being super uncomfortable. No matter how much they swear not to PDA, there will be tons of kisses, hugs, selfies, talking about themselves, and making you feel like you should have stayed back and watched TV instead! As soon as you enter a relationship, you are a part of a cult with its own language, peace treaty, and untold laws! So good luck trying to bend it your way! Here are some of the most unique ways couples communicate with each other, which might feel like Morse code to you but surprisingly, they get every word of it!

1. Code Words


Once you say yes, and take the rose, you sign a verbal treaty of comprehending and answering code words. These come handy when you are in public. So the next time a couple says I enjoyed the ice cream last night and giggle, don’t bother asking them more about it. Simply put on your earplugs and zone out for good!

2. Let The Stares And Nods Do The Talking!


Say you are in a group and at a club. When you make eye contact with a particular person when something funny is being said, they say that is the person you really adore. Your brain immediately directs you to this person who means a lot and should share the experience. So you can imagine how strongly they read the facial expressions and stares. A single glare can make you cancel the plans for Saturday evening with boys! Also, the game of signaling works to their advantage during gatherings and sharing information without uttering a single word!

3. Communication Through Emoji And Memes


The longer you are in a relationship, the lesser you chat. It’s a fact, and if you open a couple’s chat box, it will start with hearts, kisses, relatable memes, and so on. There are also rules surrounding them. It could be a serious red flag if you share a meme online before sending them to the DM. So basically, the chat boxes become more attractive than social media, which is all about pictures together. Being in the relationship for too long can also convert your chats into a grocery listing pad and safe place for saving important links!

4. Passive-Aggressive Communication


Couples often have to deal with personal and relationship triggers. While you would not want your partner to get the best of your outburst, passive aggression works best! So the next time you see your partner chewing with their mouth open, leaving the towel on the bed, and shutting the car door with a louder decibel than usual, know that something is out of line and needs amends!

5. Gossip Transfer


If you are not a gossip monger, it’s probably because you are still single. The art of collecting gossip and circulating them develops when you are in a relationship. Also, there are some strict rules tied to it. Once you get gossip, you have to immediately call your spouse and tell them everything in detail. Failing which you have to deal with severe consequences. So if you tell your friend a juicy gossip and see them dialing their spouse, don’t mind them. They are just fulfilling their duty.

6. Comprehending Tone


Nothing is simple when you come into a relationship. You ask your girlfriend if you can spend the weekend at your friend’s place and watch the game. She says, “Sure”. But wait, don’t get happy yet. Replay the moment she uttered the word ‘sure’ and see if she was blinking, if her lips were twitching, and if her eyebrows were arched. Then slowly tell her how much you will miss her, and ask her to come with you. If you are lucky, she will buy that and not be mad at you for choosing the game over her.

7. Silence Treatment


Couples have a series of punishment techniques set for each other. From being passive-aggressive to not talking to each other, these are the ways couples express their anger and discomfort. The best way to overcome miscommunication is to talk rather than be silent about it. While silence treatment is effective, it will inflict problems in the relationship if it continues for long.

Whoever said love has no language! Being in love creates numerous languages and modes of communication which you master after being in a relationship. Now that you know why and what couples do when they are super peculiar, you can be at ease around them. Even though it might seem super weird, finding someone who understands you even without having to verbally speak, is special. So do you have someone who partners with you better than anyone else in communicating in the most explicit ways? Mention them in the comments below!

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