This Is What Happened When I (Finally) Canceled My Netflix Subscription!

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Until a few years ago, weekend plans included movie nights, dinner dates, clubbing, and shopping. However, the arrival of Netflix landed such a massive blow that half of the population wants to just sit at home and “Netflix and chill” on a Friday night. Personally, I too am a huge fan of Netflix owing to the quality of content that they come up with. More than the movies and T.V. series that are streamed on the platform, I love the original content exclusive to Netflix. And it’s not just Netflix that people love. Other platforms like Hotstar, Amazon Prime, and Viu are all popular today as well. If you think about it, how many people you know prefer watching T.V. over streaming a show or a movie online?

So, I’m among the vast majority and I started binge-watching Netflix last year. I was so amazed by the shows and movies to which now I had unlimited access that I forgot everything else in my life. I was so crazy that my eyes were constantly glued to my laptop and phone screen for hours — when I was showering, eating, or walking down the street (it’s dangerous, please don’t do it). But one day, I decided to give Netflix a break and canceled my subscription. Yes, it was painful, but I remembered that there were other things to life that makes me happy. Do you wanna know what happened when I canceled my subscription?

I Slept Well


I remember forgetting to sleep because I was so engrossed watching the new season of Stranger Things on Netflix. That day, I realized it was six in the morning after the sunlight hit my face through the windows. Netflix made me happy, but it got me dark circles and I was sleepy all the time. Netflix and I were like a newlywed couple and I couldn’t stop thinking about “us”. But after taking a break from it, I actually slept my booty off! Now, I go to bed on time and wake up fresh.

I Became A Better Employee


Sleepy, sick-looking, and tired. Concentrating on work was as difficult as Jenga during my Netflix days. I dozed off during an important meeting and my boss always caught me snoring at my desk. It was quite embarrassing and my reputation was in jeopardy. Also, I became a serial latecomer because after a late-night Netflix session I hardly slept for three to four hours. And now, I go to work on time and I’m able to finish my tasks well! It feels great (not as much as Netflix though).

I Re-connected With My Family


In the past few months, all I knew of my parents was their voice. I never really looked at their faces or remember having a long conversation with them. I was so busy in the internet world that I completely forgot about reality. Now, I make a conscious effort to spend time with my family and go out with them.

I Met My Friends


Every time any of my friends call me out for a party or lunch, I was conveniently “sick” or I had to “work” that day. I kept becoming better and better at coming up with excuses. There were characters and plots in my imaginary situations. Of course, my friends believed them but they were kind of starting to lose it till I finally met them last week. Had I gone ahead with the excuses for a few more weeks, they would have probably cut me off from our group. And to be honest, I actually had a fun time interacting with three-dimensional people after a really long time.

I Read A Book


I forgot how much I loved reading after I started watching series. Getting back to my world of words was a whole different feeling that no Netflix can ever give.

I Even Went To The Gym!


By the time I came out of the Netflix frenzy, I realized how much weight I had gained. I should have seen it coming when I refused to get up from my bed or chair all day long. The extra weight freaked me out and I joined the gym so that I could fit into my clothes again.

I Ate An Extra Pizza


Well, I can’t say goodbye to pizza ever (no judging). And, I had some extra cash with me for food and other stuff after canceling my Netflix subscription. Like it or not, Netflix isn’t very healthy for your pocket. Especially if the pockets are too small.

I Looked Healthy


I started looking like a normal person again! I look healthy, my hair is brushed, and my nails are trimmed. All of these never really happened during the binge-watch days and I looked like a zombie for sure.

Netflix is fun, and the shows are amazing! All that aside, your real-life can be good too *rolling eyes.* So, get up your butt and live like a real person for a while (like a few hours) and then get back to the shows. I give up! There’s no way I can tell you guys that Netflix sucks. I’m gonna go sign up again (sorry!).

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