10 Most Iconic Wedding Dresses In Fashion History

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While all dress you own deserves a place in your closet, your wedding gown holds a special place in your heart. Every girl draws inspiration from famous celebrities who went down the aisle in gorgeous gowns. They have a huge influence on how your wedding gown will look, and some of those designs have helped materialize many dream gowns for brides. These gorgeous wedding gowns are too beautiful to be forgotten, from royal gowns chosen by celebrities, to dresses worn by actors for wedding scenes in our favorite rom-coms. Go through the list to know which gown calls out to you the most.

1. Kristen Stewart’s Gown In The Twilight Saga

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The wedding gown in the Twilight series has become an everlasting sensation among brides to be. The long-sleeved dress with the long train and button-down back can make any girl crave it. The gown was designed by Carolina Herrera and valued at $35,000. It is definitely worth the price!

2. Renee Zellweger’s Wedding Gown

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This was another statement wedding dress crafted by designer Carolina Herrera. Renee Zellweger wore the gorgeous gown at her wedding in 2005. Look out for the minimalistic design with strapless sleeves if you like simple designs.

3. Princess Diana’s Wedding Gown

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The royal wedding of Lady Diana took place on July 29, 1981. It was so anticipated by the world that it was rightfully called the wedding of the century. The gorgeous wedding gown was designed by Elizabeth Emanuel and David. It had a 25-foot train adorned with thousands of pearls. It was also pleated with 131 feet of ivory silk that had to be stuffed in the royal carriage for the door to be shut properly. This larger-than-life wedding dress is the ultimate Princess gown.

4. Kate Middleton’s Wedding Gown

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Another royal wedding that had the world waiting eagerly was Kate Middleton marrying the Prince. Her gown was designed by Alexander McQueen and has a gorgeous train with a statement tiara and veil. However, it was the lacework on her gown that stole the show. It became an instant hit among brides worldwide who wanted to incorporate the same look on their wedding day.

5. Grace Kelly’s Wedding Gown

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If you are looking for something stylish and different, you should look into the wardrobe of Grace Kelly! The Hollywood actress tied the knot with the Prince of Monaco, and though it was almost half a century ago, we can’t get over her gorgeous gown. The ivory silk wedding dress adorned with lace and pearls is still an inspiration for brides looking for a fairy tale wedding.This iconic gown has been reworked and used as inspiration throughout the years.

6. Sarah Jessica Parker’s Gown

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Movies also inspire and dictate how our dream dress should look and this one is no different. The extravagant dress worn by Carrie Bradshaw in the shoot of the sitcom, Sex and the City is still the ultimate fairytale dream for many brides to be. It was designed by Vivienne Westwood and is a dress no one can forget once you walk down the aisle in it.

7. Jacqueline Kennedy’s Wedding Gown

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Jackie married the then-U.S. Senator John F. Kennedy in Rhode Island in 1953. She looked ravishing in the off-shoulder dress with a long veil. Her dress was a sheer example that something so simple can also make you look stunning.

8. Angelina Jolie’s Wedding Gown

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In the south of France, Angelia Jolie tied the knot with Brad Pitt on August 23, 2014. While people waited for their wedding anxiously, what surprised fans the most was her wedding gown. It was the epitome of creativity. She asked her designer Atelier Versace to decorate her silk gown with colorful drawings made by her children. It is certainly something that will make you go awwww.

9. Marilyn Monroe

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In 1942, Marilyn Monroe wore a white A-line dress at her first wedding. The dress had long sleeves and was covered in lace. She was just 16 and did not look anything like the blonde bombshell she would go on to be. But she certainly looked neat and sweet in her simple wedding gown.

10. Victoria Beckham

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Victoria Beckham is a style icon and designer whose expertise is wedding gowns and accessories. So you can imagine how stunning she was at her own wedding! In Ireland, she tied the knot with David Beckham on July 4, 1999, in a gorgeous gown designed by Vera Wang. The dress was a subtle champagne color gown with a 20-foot train. The gown cost approximately $100,000 and is still treasured in her wardrobe!

Every bride deserves a dream dress for her wedding, and no matter what you wear, it is a memory that lives on forever. But, unfortunately, it is not something you can decide on and buy in an instant. Make sure you keep ample time in your hand to try the dress and get it fitted according to your body shape. So, which of these dresses did you like the most? Let us know in the comments section!

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