14 Ideas For Hosting The Best Friendsgiving Celebration Ever

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Friendsgiving is just another way of extending your celebration and enjoying the holiday with your friends. Think of the delicious turkey, ravishing food, and the dining table resonating with all the wonderful memories you made in school. The pandemic has taught us how important socializing with your close friends is to keep your mind fresh. There is nothing better than Friendsgiving to celebrate the day perfectly. Are you thinking of throwing the most memorable party at home? We at Stylecraze have made a list of some unique ideas that will make your gathering a day to remember forever.

1. Send Real Invitations

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When we say real, we do not mean that you were going to send out anonymous ones. What we mean to say is, a handwritten card is way more effective than sending virtual invites. No matter how simple the invitation card is, it will undoubtedly play a more meaningful impact on your guests. We know it is all about going digital nowadays where everyone is looking for convenient handling. No one wants to handle hard copies that take up space in the house. But this kind of old-school gesture is much appreciated and personal as it feels more personalized. The fact that you took the time to get one designed and signed off with the person’s name is much more inviting than sending an email forward. Let’s face it, all of us get email forwards and congratulatory messages from our subscriptions like everyday. Go for a more personal approach!

2. Homemade Ice Cream Bar Is Always Welcome

Homemade Ice Cream Bar Is Always Welcome
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No one ever said they hate ice cream (except Ross, maybe!). Instead of placing it all on the table, how about setting an ice cream bar so your guests can have the perfect combination of ice cream they want. To add an edge, you can decorate the bar with thermocol shaped like ice cubes. You can add cute props where your guests can click photos with the ice cream!

3. Wine Glass Gift

Wine Glass Gift
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As a return gift, you can gift your guests the wine glasses you serve the wine in. It is an excellent option because, one, it is an irresistible gift, two, you won’t have to worry about washing the glasses. Even if your friend is not a drinker, it is a great showpiece to adorn in a showcase. It has a classy touch to it that anyone would love to receive as a gift.

4. A Special Straw

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If you feel like gifting a glass is pushing your budget to the edge, you can always choose a cute gift like a customized straw. Just make sure that the straw is eco-friendly, and attach a card with a cute message on it. It is a unique idea but very effective as a gift as well as a decorative piece.

5. Do A Pajama Party

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Throwing a pajama party for your Friendsgiving is more enjoyable than dressing in ties and dresses. The dress code provides the opportunity for your guests to wear cute and festive PJs, and everybody will feel comfortable and relaxed. Nothing better than comfy clothes for gossiping all night long!

6. Set The Scent

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This one is no surprise and never fails to impress the classic way. An inviting scent always manages to make your friends instantly comfortable. It not only sets the mood but also keeps the crowded room smell at bay. A candle perfectly embodies the falls, so your visitors will be welcomed by a warm scent when they arrive. Choose a candle with cute notes and place them in the room where you set the table.

7. Foliage Buffet

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You must have seen beautiful tables decorated with vines and fruits that give an autumn feeling to your celebration. If you think arranging for leaves is not easy, you can always get artificial leaves to lie on your dining table. It will make for awesome Instagramable pictures and also earn you a lot of appreciation for your guests. Make it unique for your friends to treasure this memory forever.

8. Play Board Games

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Board games never get too old! You can always arrange for games that involve all your guests, and you won’t have to worry about finding new topics to talk about.

9. Pose The Potluck

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If all your guests bring a dish on their own, it saves you the trouble of cooking all dishes and cleaning up later. If you are hosting the party, make the main dish at your home and keep a lucky draw that decides which guest will bring what to your house. This might be the raging trend nowadays which has been revived from the past, but it also gives an insight into the different cultural backgrounds that your friends belong to. It will be great to get to know everyone more personally. Anyways, food is the quickest way to anyone’s heart!

10. Add Party Banners

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There is something about party banners; it adds a festive touch to your room. Arrange for flags that spell out Friendsgiving and put it up along with beautiful balloons and posters. You can also go for a color theme to make your party pictures perfect.

11. Add a Photo Booth

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Instead of just taking selfies at your party, why not make a photo booth for photos! Make it a rule that everyone has to keep their phones away and save the pictures in the booth only. You can also use cute frame props to make the photos even more unique.

12. Baking Together

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If your bunch loves baking, we have the perfect idea to make your party lit. Get all the ingredients to make a Friendsgiving cake and bake it together! The way you decorate it, the flavors, and the shape can all be chosen by your guests.

13. Use Disposable Plates

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The shortcomings of a party are cleaning up afterward, and no one looks forward to doing the dishes and mopping after the guests are done. To avoid it altogether, you can use biodegradable paper plates that you can just throw away after the meal.

14. Movie Night

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If you think the party will extend till late at night, you can always arrange for a movie night. Get the popcorn, blanket, and pillows ready and select a movie that everyone is interested to watch. Whether you are looking for some jump scare moments or a hearty laugh, watching movies together is a great way to bond.

Don’t be upset if you are staying away from your family on Thanksgiving. You can always create your own heartwarming party to recreate the feeling of togetherness with your friends. So now that you know how to make your Friendsgiving perfect, the party will be super fun and grand. So, do you have any secret to being a splendid host? Let us know in the comments below! Make sure you prepare your guest list in advance and get all you need a week ahead of the party.

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