This Mum Stunned The Internet With Her Incredible Water Birth Video – It Is Tear-jerking

by Chandrama Deshmukh

The process of childbirth is as close as it can get to a miracle. Mothers around the world have been proving this, and yet the awe doesn’t seem to fade. What recently took the Internet by storm was this water birth video clip. Audra Lynn from California’s Orange County was filmed as her baby popped out after severe contractions. She is seen sitting in a water-filled birthing tub, and her husband is by her side witnessing the miracle. This video was shot by the midwife Lisa Marie Sanchez Oxenham, who fondly describes the experience as “an amazing, uneventful delivery.”


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The clip begins when the baby’s head emerges, and the mother is trying to push him out. The next contraction pops the baby out. Audra Lynn holds her newborn son close to her bosom and breaks down. The scene has touched many hearts and left viewers teary-eyed. The joy of holding your baby for the first time is indescribable, and the expressions of these new parents do complete justice to this thought.

Within a few hours of this video being uploaded on Instagram and Facebook, it became a rage. It was viewed by over 16 million people, drew 23,000 comments, and close to 100,000 plus shares on Facebook. Another aspect that makes this video a great watch is Audra’s calmness throughout the birthing process. Her breathing, concentration on birthing the child, and acceptance of support by the people around her makes the delivery look like a smooth sail. According to the midwife who shot this video, a relaxed ambiance makes a huge difference in the birthing process. Though many women around the world are opting for water birth at home with the help of certified midwives, the concept is fairly new among Indian mothers.

Now that you have seen this incredible video, let’s understand the process of water birth better.

So, what exactly is water birth?

Water birth is a birthing process where the baby is delivered in a pool of warm water. The mother is made to sit comfortably in a birthing tub in the first stage of labor once the contractions begin. Water birth can be carried out at home, in a hospital or a birthing center. Certified midwives and doctors guide women through the course of action as the cervix dilates and contractions become regular. As the warm water pool is close to a mother’s womb, the transition is easier for babies and they breathe better right after birth. Water birth is possible only for natural delivery and is said to be less painful as compared to other birthing processes. With water birth, anesthesia can be avoided and the warm water also speeds up labor. It’s a relaxed, focused, and comforting method to push the baby out easily. Despite the strong benefits and low risk rates of water birth, it is considered as an experimental process and should be carried out only under expert supervision. Water birth could increase the risk of infections in both mothers and babies if proper hygiene is not maintained.

What made this video go viral in no time was the thrill and pleasure that new parents experience at the time of childbirth. The footage beautifully captures Audra’s emotional outburst when she says “my baby son” and strikes a chord with parents around the world who have gone through similar overwhelming experiences. Witnessing a life coming to life is always a soul-stirring sight. And this video just proves how amazing the miracles of nature are. We wish the new parents and their little bundle of joy all the happiness and love. And Audra, hats off to you. What you did there was just phenomenal.

Have you ever witnessed a water birth in real? Ever thought of taking the plunge yourself? What are your thoughts on this intimate and relaxed birthing process? Any facts, trivia, risks of water birth you wish to share? Let us know in the comments below.

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