5 Indian Women Who Went Viral On Social Media For All The Right And Wrong Reasons

Written by Chaitra Krishnan, MA (Journalism & Mass Communication)  • 

As children, we always wanted to get famous and have a life like that of celebrities. Now that we have social media, the reality isn’t far from that childhood fantasy. YouTubers like Bhuvan Bam, Lilly Singh, and Lisa Koshy are all celebrities who’ve paved their way to success through social media. In addition to the existing social media platforms apps like TikTok have left people thirsty for easy fame. From posting videos on these apps to using fake filters to look flawless and photo-ready, the ‘stairway to fame’ seems to be easily accessible. While the list of these virtual world celebs is long, there are some celebs who are famous, in the Indian subcontinent.

From getting opportunities to act in movies to hosting international shows, social media stars can have it all. But some of them earn thousands of followers through their content, only to become a meme icon people laugh at. And then, there are the “accidental” celebrities who become popular with sheer luck and timing. Here, we’ve got you a list of five Indian women who went viral on social media, intentionally and unintentionally in the past few years for all the right and wrong reasons.

1. The Wink Girl

1. The Wink Girl
Image: Instagram @priya.p.varrier

Priya Varrier hit the internet like a tornado with her iconic wink that made guys all over the world skip a heartbeat. Her video went viral after the release of the first song of her Malayalam debut movie Oru Adaar Love. In this video, she is seen winking at the male lead of the movie, and that melted the netizens’ heart away. Priya’s Instagram followers rose to a jaw-dropping number of 600 thousand in just one day! She almost broke the record of Christiano Ronaldo whose magic number is 650 thousand. Kylie Jenner holds the title in getting the highest number of followers on Instagram in a single day (806 thousand). Priya Varrier is the first runner up in the Miss Kerala beauty pageant and she’s also a model. After becoming an internet sensation, she has appeared in many advertisements and she’s all set to try her luck in Bollywood with Sridevi Bungalow. Even though the Instagram star has 7 million followers today, her ability to act is far from impressive.

2. The Morality Aunty

The recent video of a Delhi woman passing comments on young girls for wearing short clothes shocked the whole nation. She allegedly asked a few guys at the restaurant they were in, to rape the girls for the same reason. The girls who were hurt and disgusted after the woman’s comments decided to take the issue on social media. They followed her to a store and asked her to repeat what she said while capturing a video of the conversation. The lady behaved unapologetically and looked right into the camera to say that the girls deserved rape for wearing revealing clothes. She also urged the parents of the girls to teach them how to behave. Wow! Audacity, right?

3. The “Hello Friends Chai Peelo” Lady

When Somvati Mahavar uploaded a video of her asking people to drink tea, she would have never thought how her “Hello friends chai peelo” would become an internationally popular catchphrase. People from not only India but all over the world make memes and spoofs of her videos! Media savvy Mumbai police were the first to use the phrase to promote public awareness on the importance of wearing a helmet, on Twitter. Later on, big brands like Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance, Foodpanda, and ShopClues referenced the video in their digital marketing campaigns! Somvati also asks people to eat all sorts of things like rusk, watermelon, kheer, and paneer in her videos while she gives a dramatic demonstration of the same. Well, who would think something as asinine as “Hello Friends Chai Peelo” would take the internet by storm!

4. Dhinchak Pooja

4. Dhinchak Pooja
Image: Instagram @dhinchakofficial

Well, who doesn’t know the infamous “singer ” Dhinchak Pooja? Pooja Jain aka Dhinchak Pooja released her self-written and self-composed song Swag Waali Topi on YouTube which went viral in just a few days! The video now has 5.7 million views and Pooja has 459 thousand subscribers on YouTube. She released many other songs including Selfie maine le li aaj and Naache jab kudi dilli di. These songs have an inexplicable number of views! With no sense of music and badly edited videos, this Delhi girl makes us wonder if all our tastes have gone for a toss, or if music has found a new definition.

5. The SRK Girl

When King Khan visited a college in Pune to promote his movie Raees, a girl among the bystanders, Saima shot to fame. She would have never thought of going viral for just getting clicked in a group selfie with King Khan. Even with Bollywood’s favorite star in the frame, all eyes were fixed on the pretty girl in the background. Saima was popularly searched on the web as the girl wearing an olive green t-shirt. Everyone wanted to know who “the girl in the picture” was! Some of her fans even wanted to marry her! Saima has 16.4K followers on Instagram, without really doing much. Social media works in mysterious ways, indeed!

Famous or infamous, the huge number of followers of these viral celebrities is a red light on the taste of our generation. Well, if an egg can go viral on Instagram and break records, then these women have all the rights to become viral, right? *sigh*. Which social media star do you think is a boon and who do you think broke the internet? Let us know in the comments below.

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