Janhvi Kapoor Shares Sridevi’s Special Trick For Beautiful Skin & Hair

by Shivani K

We are not new to the tradition of star kids entering the Bollywood world, following in the footsteps of their parents and then going on to become great actors of their time. One such star kid in the present time, who has managed to captivate everyone with her beauty and grace, is Janhvi Kapoor, daughter of the legendary actress, the late Sridevi. (The popular opinion was that she reminded the audience of Sridevi in more ways than one)

Of course, Janhvi has her mom’s best friend Manish Malhotra to thank for it, who has been her style guru, and made sure that Janhvi is dressed to the nines for all the gala events of the tinsel town. But, apart from this, it’s Janhvi’s glowing visage that attracts everybody’s attention. Her skin looks radiant, and her tresses hold your attention with their luster. Her beauty, in general, is way too good to be true in an age where we are surrounded by millions of pollutants in the atmosphere.

There’s no denying that Janhvi has been blessed with beautiful skin and hair. And who wouldn’t want to have glowing skin and a lustrous mane like hers?So, here are some pearls from Janhvi’s book of beauty secrets that she was handed over by her mother, Sridevi-

Hair Foods: The Traditional Ones

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Since time immemorial, we Indians have always used food to not just fill our tummies, but also to take care of our beauty needs. Have the elders in your family ever asked you to apply curd on your hair to condition it? That’s exactly what we mean here by the term “hair foods.” Even Janhvi does it. She says that she applies a lot of “foods” on her hair to give it the strength and shine. Her favorite hair foods are beer, eggs, and methi (fenugreek).

She said that it was her mother who inculcated this habit in her. She also added that while some people even apply onion juice to their hair, she prefers to stick to these hair “foods”.

For those who aren’t aware of the benefits of these hair foods, let us tell you that applying a fenugreek hair pack can help fight dandruff and provide relief from any kind of inflammation on the scalp. Beer, on the other hand, will make the hair extremely soft, smooth, and shiny. Eggs are rich in amino acids and applying them to the hair will strengthen it. They are also known to cleanse our scalps (1).

Massaging With Homemade Hair Oil

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We all know how our grandmothers, mothers or even our aunts vouch for the benefits of a good oil massage on our head. A good old champi is one of the childhood memories that we carry with us, and it’s the same in Janhvi’s case.

She recalls how her mother (Sridevi) would make hair oil at home with dried flowers and amla. She used to give her sister, Khushi Kapoor, and her an oil massage with it, once in every three days. Since then, this oil massage has become a part of Janhvi’s haircare routine. Don’t you think hair oil massages are almost like an essential rite of passage for all the girls of our country?

Fruits Are Not Just Meant For Breakfast

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Janhvi says that she applied a lot of fruits on her face since childhood. Her mother would make a fruit mash of all the leftover fruits from the breakfast table for both the girls. She says that she applied everything on her face, be it strawberries, mangoes, or bananas. From calming down the skin’s irritation to giving our face an even-toned complexion and glow, fruit face packs can be considered as a wellness therapy for our skin.

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Let’s give you some deets about some fruit face packs and their benefits.

  • Papaya face pack helps to soften our skin, treats blemishes and dark spots present on our skin (2).
  • Strawberry face packs act as one of the best natural cleansers for our face. They even help in fighting acne. If you don’t believe us, you can at least believe Marilyn Monroe, right? This iconic beauty used strawberries as a facial cleanser (3).
  • Banana face packs help you achieve glowing skin naturally. Mix mashed banana with some lemon juice and apply the mixture on your face for a natural glow.

These are the secrets that Janhvi shared with her fans in an interview by a popular fashion magazine (you can do a quick google search and you’ll find the video). Now we know the beauty care secrets which were passed down to her by the legend herself, the late Sridevi. While we aren’t really sure that it’s just these secrets or it’s her genes that give her the showstopper looks, we’ll anyway go ahead and try to include these beauty secrets in our routine.

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