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As time goes on, you may notice some deep fine lines appearing around your eyes, making you look more tired than you are. Small wrinkles may appear on the face, brows, and higher eyelids, and the outer corners of your eyes may begin to droop. Facial edema might cause them to look even deeper. Shiatsu is a type of massage that helps restore the skin around your eyes to its natural, healthy state. In contrast to other forms of massage, the only action used in shiatsu is the gentle pressing of a series of points on the face.

Japanese women are the primary practitioners of Shiatsu, and this practice may be the secret to their flawless skin. We were curious about this form of massage which has been gaining popularity all over the world. However it is still only recognized by the medical establishment in Japan. The average Shiatsu massage takes about 1 minute to complete. Do it first thing in the morning, last thing at night, and whenever your eyes feel tired. Read on to know more about it.

What Is Shiatsu?

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This type of massage gets its name from combining two Japanese terms for “pressure” and “finger.” Tokujiro Namikoshi came up with it in the early 20th century. The originator of the massage allegedly utilized it to cure arthritis with it. It was based on an understanding of anatomy and the hidden practices of Tibetan medicine.

The Japanese public embraced this straightforward approach, and the government medical establishment approved of its efficacy. Its use, notably in the beauty industry, continues to this day in Japan. The creator of this technique lived to be 95 years old, and he fooled everyone into thinking he was much younger than he actually was. He added that this idea is founded on the same primal urge to soothe aches and pains by rubbing and warming them.

How does it function, then? When squeezed, certain points on the face & body improve the flow of blood and lymph. The increased efficiency is due in part to the fact that it boosts tissue metabolism. This triggers the body’s inherent capacity for renewal.

If you’re doing the massage on your own (specialists are the only ones who should be massaging the zones), focus on the spots. Put on a moderate amount of pressure, just enough to make you uncomfortable.

Regarding the eye area specifically, this massage will strengthen your muscles, diminish your wrinkles, boost skin elasticity (through increased collagen & elastin synthesis), and normalize sebum production. Read on to know how to do them individually.

1. Raising Eyebrows

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The center, outside, and inner parts of the eyebrows make up the pressure zone. Press with your thumb, index, and middle fingers. Direct pressing actions on the brows, with a small upward push, are all that’s needed to “restore” the brows to their proper position.

Time: 7 seconds
Repeat: twice

2. Removing “Crow’s Feet”

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The pressure points are at the sides of your eyes. Put the tips of your fingers on the points, push for a moment to “warm up” the area, and then release. Without releasing your grip, you may gently draw the temple muscles inward. It’s important to pay attention and make sure that the muscles are being pulled and not the skin.

Time: 3 seconds
Repeat: 3 times

3. Reducing Swelling

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Focus your pressure on the hollow space between the inner angle of your eye and the bridge of your nose. Holding the places with your index fingers, perform a perpendicular movement, taking care not to strain or pull at the skin. One other option is to construct a “fork” with the middle and index fingers, pressing the outer and inner eye corners at the same time.

Time: 3 seconds
Repeat: thrice

4. Smoothing Wrinkles At The Bridge Of The Nose

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Apply stress in the space between the brows, sometimes known as the “third eye”. Put your thumb, index, and middle finger together and squeeze. Use the pads of your fingers to press the three points in between your brows.

Time: 5-7 seconds
Repeat: twice

5. Rejuvenating Under Eye Skin

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You need to apply pressure specifically to the boney region just behind one’s eyes. Use your thumb, index, and ring finger to press the area gently.

Time: 10 seconds
Repeat: twice

You may do these moves individually, or you can combine them into a full-face Shiatsu massage. They can also boost the results of various facial massages and fitness routines. The best part about these techniques is that it is easy and you can do them even when you are watching a movie, reading a book or even traveling. So what is your secret to keeping your eyes young looking and pretty? Let us know in the comments section.

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